Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Flowers

There is definitely not a lack of color and beauty in our yard this week..and pollen...lots and lots of pollen..

I hope you enjoy this stroll around our yard.....

Can you see Bonnie under the lorapetalum keeping an eye on things?

Now to the deck where there are LOTS of plants and flowers awaiting repotting.....

new herbs

tomato seedlings.. over 10 varieties..

blue and black salvia


sedum...I am such a fan of sedums..just cannot get enough...
Do you like them?  I remember hen and chicks from my growing up years but that is about all I remember about them...

One more thing about today.....  This bench belonged to sits empty in my garden today and oh how I wish I could have sat in it with her at least once in my yard..... Today is her birthday..she would have been 84..Happy Birthday Mama..  Her gardening and artsy influences are always with me and I surely do miss her...  11 years seems like an eternity when you miss someone...

Thank you for coming to visit...I am so glad you did...Please leave a comment so I can come visit you too..It's the only way I know you stopped by....

Love, Mona

I am joining Alma at Seasonal Sundays


  1. You have so many beautiful blooms Mona, and yes we are drowning in pollen too! My hydrageas are growing so fast you can literally see them sprout leaves! We will start working in the yard next weekend, when the last threat of cold will be gone! Your pooch looks adorable under the pink blossoms!

  2. Mona, Your garden is beautiful and makes my heart sing today on a rainy day. Your dogwoods are so healthy. I seem to be losing trees to diseases lately. My dogwoods got anthracnose.

    Viburnums are a favorite of mine and wish mine would bloom. Maybe I can move mine to my new sunnier spot and get blossoms next year. Yours is stunning overflowing with blossoms that soon will turn
    white. I would be thrilled to cut the blossoms for a flower arrangement.

    Are the light lavender blooms phlox?

    Got choked up about your bench and your birthday wishes to your Mama. I miss mine too.

  3. Mona, I did enjoy the stroll around your yard and seeing all of the signs of Spring. I miss my mother, too, but I did not lose her suddenly and I think that is easier to bear. I know your mother is happy that you are following in her footsteps, though. Oh, what a proud Mama in heaven she must be!

    P. S. I know your grandmother is proud, too!!!

  4. The yard looks so beautiful flowering as it is. We are still snow covered so I get my whiffs of spring by visiting you and blogs like yours. I miss my mother, too. Perhaps more with time oddly enough.

  5. Mona, your garden is stunning and I love it. I think Spring is the best after all the plants have been sleeping for months come to life. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gardens with us. How special that bench is and I am sure your mom is there in your garden with you - guiding you.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I love all of the diversity and vibrant colors in your garden! It is very impressive! Your pink rhodie is gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous yard, full of lovely blossoms. It's a great time of year. I am sure you are loving this.

  8. Lovely! I do enjoy Spring in Georgia. I'm in Texas getting my Mom ready to move and will miss a couple of months of being home. Still when she is moved to GA I will be so happy!

  9. I'm sure 11 years may as well be a thousand when it comes to missing your parents. My Dad's been gone less than a year, and sometimes it seems like 20, sometimes it seems like just yesterday. In either case, it's very, very sad. I feel for you.

    I'm glad your yard is filled with uplifting color and fragrance! We are still fighting winter here. Maybe by July we'll get out of the 30s! :-)