Monday, November 4, 2013

The Turkeys Are Out!

I am so thankful for my family gathering together at our house for Thanksgiving.. I have always wanted big family gatherings at our house to celebrate holidays.... I look forward to this every year...  so it is a happy day when I bring out the turkeys and start the preparations....

This little handmade by Will stays on my refrigerator all year reminds me of family and tradition...

The vintage candle holders and s&p shakers..

Are you beginning to make plans for Thanksgiving?  We are having 14 this year..I love having our house full of those we love..and I love every minute of the preparations for the big day..

I am so glad you stopped by today...come again soon.. 

 Love, Mona


  1. Mona - we are invited to my daughter's this year, but I am helping with the food. I love seeing her take over some of our traditions! Hope your celebration is fabulous!

  2. Sounds like your family Thanksgiving will be wonderful - I can smell the food right now. There is nothing better than turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy oh and don't forget the cranberry relish yummmmm. Have a wonder dinner and day.

  3. I love making plans for Thanksgiving. This year we will celebrate a little early when my #1 daughter comes to visit from Calif. Can't wait!

  4. Love your vintage turkeys. I need to make some plans:}

  5. I stumbled across your blog today, quite by accident, and i must say that you photography captured my attention. And I haven't begun decorating for Thanksgiving yet but you are making me anxious to do so! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh it all looks so pretty! We always look so forward to Thanksgiving as well.

  7. We will have half of our family here for Thanksgiving so there will be seven including my MIL. I had better get busy with plans.

    I love your vintage turkey candleholders and salt and peppers. Will's handmade turkey is precious.