Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tea Sets and Flowers

When it gets this hot, I really lose interest in cooking....salads and easy..easy.. might interest me...

The truth is..I feel like cooking what is on these plates...AIR!  and  that is all.....

This lovely tea set was bought from ebay so long ago I don't even remember...but I do remember it was so cheap  reasonably priced that I was thrilled....there are about 12+ teacups. and all of these pieces. 

Whenever I get it out, I think of a tea on the Titanic...seriously..maybe they came from that era...I believe they are Haviland... and as of late, orange is my it!

This was set up in my garden near the English dogwood hedge also called mock smells heavenly and blooms profusely.....with no is an OLD hedgerow....

The shapes of the teapot , creamer and sugar dish make me smile...nothing prettier than big, curvy serving pieces....

So there you have it for this week...tea party in the flower garden....all without any hot tea or cookies..I really, really do need to get it together enough to get some food on these dishes......later....I'll think about that tomorrow.

I am linking up with these fine parties this come and join the fun....

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  1. That is a lovely vintage set that looks very "today." It certainly looks splendid in the garden. There was a mock orange bush at my childhood intense, but lovely scent outdoors. No indoor bouquets!

  2. I have been buying orange things lately, so I am crazy about this china! Wow - and your beautiful setting is so inviting - may I join you, please???

  3. Oh how lovely!

    I have never seen china like that.

    And there truly isn't anything quite like tea in the garden, is there?

    I think some bakery bought sweets and cold tea in those cups is about perfect for a hot summer's day, don't you?

  4. Such a pretty tea set, Mona, and the mock orange makes such a gorgeous and fragrant background. Lucky you!!

  5. What a lovely set, Mona. Those platter are fabulous. Is it my imagination or are the sugar and creamer are nearly as large as the teapot.
    I love the scent of mock orange.
    Have a wonderful week...

  6. Mona, the tea set is quite lovely. I am really taken with the orange band! Pretty linens too. The hedge is gorgeous!!! Now sure that would survive the heat out here though, drats. Thanks so much for sharing. xo marlis

  7. So pretty, love the orange too, and I love your comment about the Titanic, that immediately took me to a different era!

  8. Beautiful tea set...I don't think that I've seen one with the orange accent. It reminds me of some of the Old Paris pieces, which actually preceded Haviland. Great find! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. Oooh I love your tea set!! I love the size of the creamer and sugar bowl.

  10. Just BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful tea set, and gorgeous photos, too. I used to hate orange, but lately I'm loving it. This really got my attention. I "got" the GWTW reference, too, Miss Scarlett ;)
    Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  11. I love that tea set -- it does look old. It's so classic! And the OLD hedgerow -- what a delight!

  12. Mona,
    Gorgeous Tea Set,dear one!!!
    I was recently shopping in Nell Hill's and there was a lot of orange to be seen!
    The English dogwood hedge, mock orange is mesmerizing!!! Perfect combination for a Tea in the Garden!!!
    Visiting from Susan's!


  13. That's a beautiful tea set..... set in a lovely surrounding.very romantic...:):)

  14. Hi Mona,

    So nice to meet you! Your orange themed tea setting today is just charming! I, too, go a little crazy over curves and lines on crockery! Your mock orange flowering bushes are SO sweet looking! I'm trying to imagine their scent...Here in Greece, the fragrance of orange blossoms every spring is, for me, pure pleasure!


  15. I love your dishes. What a great purchase. The shapes of the teapot and cream and sugar are fabulous. Your gorgeous outdoor setting is lovely. Is that a mock orange? I love your cut work tablecloth and table and chairs. Hang onto your table and chairs because they have the Titanic look also. This post makes me smile too. So pretty, Mona.

  16. What a wonderful tea set. I love the shapes, and although it looks vintage, it doesn't look like grandmother's. Your hedge is gorgeous too. laurie