Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

The tradition is to plant things on Good Friday...whatever is planted today will rise again.......and we southerners take that to mean our gardens too.  With Easter coming early this year, it will be plant any warm weather seeds today.....

Potatoes can go in without any problems.....and there are many seeds that can withstand another cold snap......

The weather is warm and beautiful today so I will spend the rest of today in my yard....planting....

Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies.... it remains only a single seed.  

 But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

I am passionate about seed planting....there is nothing like placing a seed into the earth and covering it and w.a.i.t.i.n.g          and then watching as a sprout pushes itself through and begins to grow......
and then produces many seeds........

Oh, the life cycle.....I hope you experience this in your life.....

Ponder the meaning of this Good Friday and what it means in your life........


  1. Your yard is so beautiful. I too, love to watch seeds come to life.

    I love keeping up with you on instagram. Wish everyone would join. It's so quick and easy....kinda like a one line blog. ha

    have a good, Good Friday.

  2. I am so waiting for my yard to get some green and beautiful color like yours! With the warm temps the last 2 days most of the snow has finally melted...maybe spring really has arrived!

  3. Mona - this brings back memories of my dad. He always planted his garden on Good Friday. He was still working in the garden, when he was bitten by something at almost 89. That bite eventually led to his death - long story and not usual at all!!
    He loved to tend the garden and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables!) of his labor. Thank you for all of the beautiful photos and the reminder of how growing things can be a treasure in one's life. Happy Easter, my friend!

  4. How gorgeous! Your yard with all the plants is beautiful! The antique sewing machine is a great sculpture. Thanks for visiting my blog! Pam

  5. Happy Anniversary Mona. Yes, we are linked and need to begin to plan my visit which I am beyond excited about. That image of the thrift is gorgeous. You may want to water mark these gorgeous images cause I am pinning that thrift one. xo, olive

  6. Yikes I see the watermark-silly me.