Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Beautiful Life

Bonnie leading the way

It is so beautiful around my town right now..the leaves are vibrant..lots of trees with lots of beautiful leaves...seems they are at their peak..until we get some wind or rain, I will enjoy every minute of them...It is one of the things I love about the area where we live.  The seasons change and fall has been exceptionally pretty this year..

Here are a few pictures taken in my own backyard....Enjoy...

Jake and Maggie

I always have my babies with me when I walk in the woods....they are great explorers..well, all of them except Jake..he doesn't really like to get dirty...

I hope you like the beauty of our woods as much as we enjoy them..this land is truly a most wonderful gift.....

thank you for stopping by today.

I hope to see you again soon..


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  1. I just looked at your first photo and thought “well, that looks just like my back yard” then I remembered that you live in Georgia too. Isn’t the Fall stunning here? Did you see my Fall Foliage post of November 8? I have similar shots. I wish I had a dog to walk with me in the woods – I have a cat and don’t think he would like to be put on a leash…