Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sometimes It Turns Out Really Good

Lately, I have been learning more about my sewing machine.....it's about time..I got a real fancy embroidery machine about 5 years ago....a Husqvarna Viking Designer ..bought it straight out from the dealer..researched them online and went in and told her what I wanted....my reason for not buying this same machine from ebay was that my dealer was only about 4 miles from my house( I could have saved a LOT of money buying from ebay)......I was so excited to get this new computerized machine....and I had a lot to learn but with a teacher right there, well...it would be easy........and guess what.........in just a very short time, she closed her shop....UGH!!!  before I had had the time to take the free lessons that came along with the purchase of this magnificent sewing machine.......so NOW WHAT??????  I am a pretty experienced sewer...Mrs. Bolton and Mrs Lark taught me well in home ec and I have kept it up for many, many years....but this one was way over my head.....I have learned easily how to use it for sewing and a little bit of embroidery...mainly monograms...when I could figure them out..LOL..frankly, this machine kinda intimidates me...but I have a fresh wind of determination to learn it a lot better so that I can get the benefits from having such a wonderful sewing machine to use.......so I am telling you all of this, as if you are interested, to say this.....I made some placemats for my daughter last week...and I was so pleased at how they turned out...I wanted to keep them    mailed them to her so she could use them ....I knew she would love how they looked on her black table..I took a few pictures before packaging them up so you could see how pretty they turned out.......yes, sometimes things turn out better than we expect...a little encouragement to keep up the learning of this sewing machine.....researching monogramming programs is my job right now....so I can add to my experiences..........STILL...cannot believe my dealer closed so soon after I bought this sewing machine......the nearest one is now over an hour away and they never seem very helpful when I go....sigh......thankful for youtube and the internet.....and google........determined to learn this thing.......

So, here is my latest project..........

shoulda used something besides my smartphone camera...sorry about that....but you get the idea.......really sophisticated looking black and white toile.....she has beautiful white dishes that she uses in the summer...can't wait to see her table..

Doing something for others is sometimes just the motivation we need to get us going....when we are stuck.....when we are not familiar with something.....focus on being generous..that will always help......

Happy Sewing to all my fellow sewers.....

Happy Tablescaping to my fellow table setters......

and Happy Giving to ALL of you..........

thank you for stopping by today....hope you enjoyed this table setting.......

the plates, napkins, napkin rings and silverplate were all found at thrift stores or estate sales......
goblets were Dollar Tree finds...


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  1. What a delicate and fabulous table. I love the color combo.

    Happy TTT.

  2. Mona, I love to sew (thanks to my mother and Mrs. Bolton!!) and I have really been wanting to make some napkins. However, my old sewing machine will not work and I am really scared to buy a new one. I would love to do monogramming! Betsy should really love the placemats. I would really love the placemats - try to remember that, if Betsy decides she does not want them - hahahaha!!

  3. Oh what lovely placemats and napkins. I have a simple little machine that doesn't do any of the fancy stuff. I love the monogram. Perfect. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Great job and very pretty! i used to sew when I was young, and learned from my mother. But seriously, after I had the kids, the part of my brain that could sew disappeared! :)

  5. I love them and it is wonderful that you sew. That is a skill I never learned.

  6. Ladies...step away from the placemats! ;) I really do love them. They are beautiful. And there are 8 of them, so we can even have company!

  7. I love them! They are the exact print of the curtains in my kitchen so they would be just perfect here. I agree wholeheartedly with you when you said that doing something for someone else is a great way to jump start you on a project. When that someone else is a daughter, it makes it even better.

    Great job!