Friday, May 25, 2012

Promises and Hope

When I went into the garden this morning, I saw promises.....promises of good things to come......

this bright yellow flower is the promise of a squash...........

these green tomatoes are the promise of red ripe tomatoes in the very near future.....

the promise of a zinnia flower.....
and I hope it is the green and red ones I had last year....

the promise of cucumbers

the promise of a new daylily
a seed pod
I did the hybridizing

Promises bring HOPE......we need hope to live a healthy life..

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

that is a scary thought..that without hope, we are not healthy...and we are living in a world that has a lot of hopelessness in it...a LOT..

As a gardener, I have trained myself to look for the little promises of things to come..the good things....a HOPE that keeps me going..keeps me pushing forward even when things are hard or don't seem to be working in my favor.....I look for something with promise..with hope...

sometimes something comes along and starts eating away at our promises......

then we have a choice

we can sit back and watch it erode our hope...
we can pick it off and sqush it under our feet

this little caterpillar is now history..he did a little damage, but not as much as he could have if I had left it alone....I took action and killed him before he could kill this plant...

no victim mentality here.

Hope is a very important thing to have..without it life seems purposeless....guard your heart where hope lives..
we get our hope from God...He is our hope...and our promises..

there is always something  that will make hope arise in our heart.. if we look for it and learn to recognize the little promises in our everyday life....

just like this morning, I spotted the squash bloom as soon as I opened the garden gate....and hope arose....the promise of yellow squash is real....all of these promises are...

don't let a caterpillar just eat up your plant...get him off and sqush him is your choice..

make a good one that keeps the hope in your heart alive...

thank you for stopping by today

I hope to see you again soon



  1. Isn't gardening great and such a metaphor for life? Just like you just wrote so beautifully. My SIL and I just dug up a bunch of plants of mine for her to take back home. I have so many plants that seem to be taking over and need to share.

  2. Thank you for coming to my blog. I had to look to see where Winterville is – close to Athens? I have not been there since my daughter graduated. I enjoyed all your posts about gardening. We do not have a garden as our one acre is covered with pine trees. We have been growing impatiens in pots in summer but while we were away someone (a deer? Rabbit?) came and ate all the flowers, to the roots. The pots only have the dirt in them. It is very disappointing. My husband does not want to replant annuals again. Fortunately they did not eat our hydrangeas in the front yard which we had bought at the Hydrangea fair in LaGrange two years ago. They had hundred s of them, and many varieties, plus a contest.
    I saw you had a gardenia on your post. I love gardenias and saw a couple of them at the home of my daughter’s parents in law in Stone Mountain. Unfortunately the gardenia I planted never made it in the shade. I bought some gardenia perfume while in New Orleans, but it’s not the same as the real plant. Thanks again for leaving a comment on my blog.

  3. you have a wonderful talent.....relating your beautiful garden to life.....i am so envious.... you said what i think but can't put into words.

    thank you

    p.s. I wish my cucumbers looked as healthy as yours.