Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Flowers #7

Fall is blooming around here...

These are a very common flower around here.  My husband dug them up many years ago from an old homeplace in our area..supposedly from one of the oldest homes in Athens..  It has taken them all of this time to decide to bloom and I am so excited to see them.  We have 3 places in our yard where they are planted and 2 of those places have blooms this year. The first time for this little patch of them.  We call them Johnny Jump Ups..  or spider lilies..or those pretty red flowers that bloom in the fall.. Their official name is

LYCORIS radiata – Red Spider Lily

A link to a blog I follow where you will find information and  more pictures of this beautiful flower

September Surprise Lily of the South

Oh yes, the fragrance of tea olive heralds the cooler temperatures.  As night falls around here, the overwhelming fragrance of this magnificent shrub takes over the yard.  It always makes us say..What is that wonderful smell?  oh, yes, tea olive blooming..

Fall is beautiful and if I can just be patient until the chrysanthemums and the Confederate Rose blooms...

Thank you for coming by.....

Love, Mona


  1. I adore spider lilies too-we have them at the old house. We have tried to transplant them here. No blooms yet. I do not have a tea olive. But I cannot have it all. xo, Olive

  2. Gorgeous pics as usual, Mona. I love spider lilies. Thanks for teaching me their botanical name. They like sun and don't like to be moved. I finally found the right spot for mine after moving them three times. Off to check out your friend's blog. I like your Friday flowers and have missed a month of them. I am looking forward to reading your other posts.

  3. Our spider lilies are also blooming and I love them. Thanks for giving me that name, Mona, I always just called them Sept lilies. Love your photos!...Christine

  4. Red spider lily is beautiful .. I need to add it to my garden next year! I follow you on Twitter at @BG_garden - great to connect on your creative site.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are very unusual flowers, but at the same time, very pretty. You have captured their beauty so well.