Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coloring Outside the Lines

Yes, that's me....always has been...but I have spent way too much of my life trying to color inside the lines just so I would be liked...Seems like that is just not the way to go about that!  I focus a lot as I get older on being the real me...the unadulterated woman I am underneath all of the woulda, shoulda, coulda that this life has so unmercifully placed upon me..

I am indeed a work in progress...One of my dear friends, Olive at Olive Out ,used to share her dishes and call them nearly tablescapes..I always loved that and told her so..  At the time, I was doing full blown tablescapes once a week..HOW did I ever do that for any length of time??.  :-)  Anyway, I realize it has been a while since I put one together..Before Christmas to be exact..Oh, MY!

So, in honor of Olive....here is my nearly tablescape for today..

I will eventually get them on a table with all the fixings but right now I am doing a bit of gardening and as much grandbabying as I can get in....Jonathan is a little over 3 weeks old..they don't stay newborn very long at all....  As you can see, I don't have enough time to do all of the playing house that I like to do....

Maybe I am just becoming grandmother most of all..next to being a wife....I am  trying to just surrender to that part of life and go with it..  I have always wanted to be able to spend a lot of time with my grandchildren so I am learning to actually do it...

I got out this quilt that I had made for my son in 1976..hence the bicentennial fabric squares...  It has now been passed down to his son..

If I can just get all the pieces of my life together like this quilt..LOL  Maybe there will be something beautiful and whole in about 37 years...

Just because.......bought for MaryElla....  I'm telling you...everything around here is like that almost tablescape...

One more almost......  a new to me dining room rug....
(Bonnie would NOT get out of the way...she photo bombed every picture..).


It matches the china I have had since 1973..and still love.  and I have a partial tablescape in the works...

So......this is a partial post...an almost one...cause that is how I am feeling lately..almost, but not quite....

Do you have seasons like this in your life?  where it seems like it will never end???
kinda like this winter...on and on and on..
Seriously, maybe I have that thing where I am sensitive to dark and dreary weather and no sunlight..LOL

Well, I am glad you stuck it out to the end of this rambling, almost writing of mine....

Oh, and one more thing.....

I had to dig out a huge planting of rosemary that had been growing here for a decade.  the single digit weather killed it...Guess what I did!!   Just added flowers..yep!  went and found several clumps of daffodils that had buds and dug them up and replanted them right here so I can see them from my kitchen window......still needs a lot of work..but, hey..a work in progress..

My supervisors.......

Under a gray Georgia sky...
Will these winter days ever give way to spring???  I know the answer..YES!

Thank you for stopping by..

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  1. Congrats on the new grandbaby! Being a grandmother is the BEST role I've had yet! I love your "nearly tablescape -- gorgeous china and those stunning purple glasses. And do I recognize your china from 1973 as a Royal Doulton pattern? It looks familiar to me, and my first everyday dishes were a Royal Doulton pattern, Fireglow. I still love it!

    1. Yes, Tricia it is Provencal by Royal Doulton..thank you for asking...

  2. I love your ramblings! I could get into many "nearly tablescapes" too!! I think that expression will be adopted. Love your cobalt and gold goblet! So glamourous. Your stack of beautiful china looks great with your goblet.
    I smiled at your quilt and recognized many of the cloth patterns. About that same time I made patchwork aprons, a wreath and a wall hanging out of the calico and gingham pieces with the same color pallet. I saved the apron and regret getting rid of the other things.
    We will need a picture of your granddaughter in those darling red shoes when she grows into them. Grandchildren are special and glad you can enjoy them.

    I am enjoying daffodils but waited too long to make any pictures. They look good from a distance but up close they are past their prime. Yours look fresh and lovely. Spring is around the corner. All the signs are here. Yes, we will have more cold but spring is coming. I have azaleas open!!!

    Have a great week, Mona!

  3. Hi Mona! I love your nearly tablescape and that's a cute way to call. Love that Olive too. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. When does spring usually arrive in Georgia? I'm glad to see that you already have daffodils blooming. They'll not bloom here before April or May. Oh I do like your "nearly" tablescapes and those red shoes! Beautiful!

    1. Vee, It arrives mid March..I think..

  5. Once again, Mona, you have written such an inspiring post! I love catching up on all aspects of your life and wonder, always, how you do it all!! Love MaryElla's red shoes, your spring flowers, and (of course) your dishes. Thanks for opening those peeks into your very full life!!

  6. Love that....Nearly Tablescape.......gonna have to borrow that one!!! I'm in that same pickle......life got in the way of setting a complete table!!! Love the new rug.....

  7. I love your china from the seventies! And I admire you wanting to spend time with your grandbabies! The time goes by so fast! It is heartbreaking.

    Your new rug is beautiful!

    And those baby shoes?!

    Oh my heart! : )


  8. It's A-OK to color outside the lines. That's where you meet up with the most interesting notions and people and things!

    Everything around here has been in almost mode for years now. I never feel as if I complete anything. Tablescaping does eat up a huge chunk of my week, but it's something I really enjoy. I just wish my house could clean itself and meals could just jump from the fridge to the oven to the table without my supervision or help! :-) All this real life stuff just gets in the way of my tablescaping time! :-)

    Ahhh...the Bicentennial. That's the year I graduated high school. What a great time that was. I love it that you still have that quilt in rotation.

    Enjoy your grandmotherhood (?) and your fabulous new area rug (so pretty!), and have a great weekend!