Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My flower theme seems to be increasing so I have decided to just flow with it.  I have always loved flowers from the time I could get about on my own.  My Mama often told me of my favorite word for flowers...

BOODILY...  that's baby talk for beautiful..  it is just in my

So here are a few things I was drawn to this past week while looking through my local thrift stores.I hope it makes you smile...

Stacks of these beautiful dishes with flowers on them at Goodwill...for a song....Royal Worcester Roanoke

I love metal flowers happy to find these two flower hooks.....

But the BEST ones are living flowers...the real deal.. and when I saw this bud this morning, I am telling you that hope for spring rose within just cannot be far off, can it??

And of course our Tula..never very far from me and ALWAYS with a ball....
looks like she is saying  "Whaaaat?"

Here is Maggie when she has had enough and she is ready to go back inside..  LOL

Remember...Just add everything and it will make it better or at least more beautiful....

Thank you for stopping by today...

Happy almost spring...


  1. Your dog Tula is adorable, I love, love dogs! The dishes are lovely and so are the 'boodily' flowers, too!

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  3. Gorgeous dogs, Mona. Looks like some really beautiful dishes you found. Can't wait to see them in use!
    Have a great week.

  4. Mona, I absolutely love the flower hooks and the new dishes. I feel in love with a similar pattern, which was made by Minton. You can use them with almost any color. I hope that you enjoy them, as much as I have mine. Looking forward to seeing them on your table!

  5. Love the dishes Mona and what a good deal. Your dogs are beautiful and you can tell the all have different personalities.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. The love of flowers is a wonderful passion to possess! You have a passion for one of the things in life - besides ice cream cones - guaranteed to make the hardest of hard core people smile.

    You got some really great bargains, especially those dishes. They're beautiful! So delicate! The cups are just gorgeous!

    Lucky you to have flowers popping up their heads already. That's still weeks away here in the chilly Midwest. We'll just have to live vicariously through you in the interim!

    Have a beautiful week, Mona!

  7. Your dog has the most wonderful expression like what are you doing now? I may envy you that daffodil bud!