Friday, August 30, 2013

The Remains of the Day

Many of you don't know my story..we have met during this past year and I have had a lot of prettiness in my blog since then.....But.....

Every Labor Day weekend, some remembrance of a Labor Day 19 yrs ago seems to reappear..  Here is a link to that story...anybody touched at all by divorce can identify with me..

DIVORCE is final

This is something I don't often write about but it is coming up on the 15 year mark when my divorce was final...It was the saddest season of my life next to my mama's death..  I am going to write a little about this experience without getting bogged down in the emotions of that time and then this will have been put down on paper for all to read..especially for those that have experienced it or know someone that this part of my story if for are not alone.... to read the rest....   Divorce is Final

As I look at my severely pruned hedge, I can remember my life during the time of my divorce.  I had been severely pruned..back to almost nothing...

But, I know that a better day will come and that this ugly looking hedge will one day be as beautiful as this one...because that is what happened in my own life....

So I count it all joy...

and wait...

because I have seen the faithfulness of my God  

and I will continue to see it..

Happy Labor Day Y'all

Thank you so very much for being my friends.
feel free to share this with anybody you know that it can help..



  1. Oh Mona, I am so proud of you. I also went thru a nasty divorce with a small son. He left - no support, I was a stay at home mom. But I made up my mind NO ONE other God was going to keep me down. Got a job and supported the two of us. Sometimes working two jobs and taking in ironing at night. We made it. I have a wonderful son and a granddaughter - God has been good.
    You sound like such a loving person, always willing to help a friend and that's what friend are for.
    Now you have a wonderful husband and children.
    God bless you Mona and thanks for sharing.

  2. Mona, while I do know your story very well, I am constantly amazed at the connections that you make. While I am still fuming for you regarding the mutilation of your hedge, you are turning this into a spiritual event. So impressed - bless you my friend!

  3. This struck a chord...twenty-one years ago, my first husband left. I was a mess for a long time. Too long. I know that The Lord Himself got me through. And I always recommend a wonderful little novel by Elizabeth Buchan titled Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman.

  4. Mona,
    I just read your words on "Divorce is Final", and thank you for sharing such a detailed and private part of your life. You are a woman of faith, and I am very honored to have met you. Yes, God has a plan for all of us, this I know for sure.

    Have a nice Labor Day weekend, dear.


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    1. Sorry Sheri.I accidentally deleted this....