Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day of School....

All I can think about this morning is my oldest grandson is his first day of first grade...and I know it is an important step in his little life..excited and nervous, he forges ahead.  I know he will do great but does he know that??  I hope so.  I pray that his teachers will see the potential in him and encourage him to be all that he is meant to be.  and to help him succeed along his path in life...

Looking back, I simply cannot believe that the years have passed so quickly..

What a joy to be the grandmother to this wonderful little boy that made me a grandparent for the first time..forever changed..and in love .....

Will, I love you and I am so proud of you!    Love, Honey


  1. so excited to hear al about it!

  2. He sure is a handsome schoolboy! May he have a wonderful year with a great teacher and good friends.
    (My youngest grand will enter first grade in a few short weeks. The oldest heads for second grade.)

  3. What a sweet grandson you have! I have three grandsons, the eldest is also starting first grade this week – the other one is starting kindergarten and the third one was just 2 years old in mid-July. Our baby granddaughter is 3 months old, so she has time to go to school. Every time we go to Tennessee I see how much they grew – yes being a grandmother is… grand!

  4. What a sweet post and your grandson is adorable. My grandson starts kindergarten this year, and I'm feeling the same way you are. Gosh, don't they grow up fast?

  5. What a beautiful grandson you have and I know he will make you proud. Yes, they do grow up so quickly.
    My granddaughter and son were here this weekend and I couldn't get over how she has grown. Kelly will be 11 in October.
    You are so lucky that they live close and you can see him often.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I pray he has a wonderful start and a more wonderful future. love your gravy saying, olive

  7. Mona, He is so cute! He'll probably be the teacher's pet. They grow up way too fast. There is absolutely nothing in the world as wonderful as being a grandmother. We are so blessed! laurie

  8. Oh Mona, this post hit home for me, as my kids were all different on the first day of Kindergarten. Nel was eager and happy to start her first day, Jess was a bit shy but was interested in going, and my son just flat out didn't want to go. He put up a fight all the time. I heard that many boys will go through this. He always got good grades in school, but I think he would just rather be at home than at school. I do hope that Wil enjoys his school year. He looks so cute and ready to go. Let me know how he does, would you?


  9. Oh this post touched my heart! I can not believe how fast the time goes either and your sweet grandson is just adorable! As a former teacher I know what a big year first grade is...he will do great!!! He looks so happy in that shot! All the best Mona!

  10. Mona, what a wonderful tribute to Will and to being a grandmother! I am on vacation with my oldest grandchild this week. What a wonderful thing that she wants to hang out with me! I totally get your idea of grandchildren being the dessert - raising children is more like having to eat your vegetables - hahaha!