Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tula and Juneteenth

Today is our beloved Tula's 5th birthday..if you have been around my blog for long, you have certainly heard a little about our Aussies...all 5 of them...but today is just Tula......what a trip she is.  she enjoys having her picture taken and often poses..  if she feels like this is a little journey through her few short years so far.

she still sleeps on this blanket..

cutest little puppy..then she grew up.  sorta.

Her favorite toy has been flower pots.  this one is her current favorite one..she chases it like a ball..

Our beautiful red tri girl..

Tula Does the Hula

She should have been in the movies or tv..I hardly ever get a bad picture of her.  very photogenic and so many expressions..  I should confess that she is really my husband's dog...until after 9 0'clock at night when she gets on my ottoman right by my feet and goes to

Happy Birthday Tula

oh, yes...Juneteenth... Emancipation Proclamation s the 150th anniversary .  also known as Freedom Day...very interesting and we all should be aware of this date in history..      for more on that, you can look here .


  1. A great blog on Tula !!!Really awesome !

  2. Oh Tula is beautiful. I have a Border Collie and he LOVES plastic flower pots - his favorite toy. I know Tula brings you lots of joy.

  3. Happy Birthday Tula!

    I have been wanting a dog so much lately, and after seeing your precious pictures, I want one even more.