Monday, March 4, 2013


When something is not clear, come closer...Be still and observe....Be quiet... and take the time to meditate or pray and it will become clearer.. is something we all need about many things in our lives..

We are all the same.. we are human beings

But we are oh, so different and unique..Each one of us has our own specific makeup..different giftings and talents..even callings on our life..  it is not best to try to be something that we are not...

these trees would look just plain out silly even trying to be an animal..  they serve their purpose without any effort..they give us shade, bark, and beauty to name a few...

Celebrate your differences, your uniqueness...realize the beauty you carry by being YOU!

We are all trees but we all have different bark...

.and together it is a gorgeous mosaic.....


  1. This is wonderful, Mona. I have decided that you need to turn some of these blogs into a book. Such heart rendering words to go along with your creative photographs. I would buy it!!

  2. Pure poetry Mona and I love the collage.

  3. What a neat post!

    - The Tablescaper