Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Gardening

Yesterday I grabbed my camera determined to find something growing in my yard so I could take some pictures...
it is looking pretty bleak out there....





bachelor buttons

and there they are..a few little faithful herbs...this is not all that is growing but it is what caught my eye. 

I had lots of help from my little furry friends..they are most curious about this new thing I am carrying around with me...and they get nose prints on the lens if I bend down or kneel to get a closer shot....but I love the company, so.....

The camellias are still pretty...they are one of my favorites.  My Grandmother had them all over her yard and I remember picking them as a little have always gripped my heart....


dusty miller

Yes, it is winter...and it will be spring before we know it....I am so glad there is always something growing in my yard....and in my house.....I will show you my inside garden soon....

I appreciate your stopping by..


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  1. You have lots of lovely herbs Mona. I only have rosemary and thyme growing on the deck. I should trim back my roses and other things but really can't find the energy. Thankful for sun today:} hugs, Olive