Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Graham, Julia, and Madame Pierre

I have spent the afternoon rearranging some beautiful friends in my garden... I now have a cluster of roses that will definitely compliment one another and bring some fragrance and color to a new part of the garden...

Graham Thomas

Madame Isaac Pierre

Julia Child

They have all been put together in this area...of course, I started getting all the grass and weeds out first.

I have decided this is the year to completely rejuvenate this flower bed...it is rock hard clay and bermuda grass..the grass loved all the rain last year and totally got out of hand....time for an intervention..wish me luck..it is  HUGE task but I think I am ready for it...hahaha

This marks 10 years I have been gardening here..time for some changes and switch ups..deciding what works and what doesn't....and doing something about it.....

I hope you got to enjoy this springlike weather today...tomorrow will be a different story.....


  1. I wish I could grow roses like that. I almost ordered some DAVID AUSTIN roses but changed my mind. They are pricey. I have raked and raked and cut back lantana today. I keep asking myself why we have five kinda of lantana and two specimens larger than my car. I have enough to do without fancy roses. Your new flower bed will be gorgeous.

  2. Mona - every time I read one of your gardening posts, I feel ashamed that I do absolutely nothing in the yard. I have a flower bed outside my breakfast table area that could be so beautiful. Wish you were closer, so you could teach me a thing or two!!