Friday, February 17, 2012

Gardener's are a hopeful lot....

I am excitedly waiting for it to warm up so I can get in my garden today...while I am waiting I grabbed my camera and took some is indeed a wet, foggy morning at Winterpast..  but there are flowers and new emerging signs of life everywhere...  I can hardly contain myself...I hope you enjoy the stroll around our place.....come with me..

the gate is OPEN

fig vine
This is one of my very favorite things in my whole garden...I planted one little puny plant of fig vine about 5 years ago and it has almost completely covered this ugly cement block wall.  My Grandmother Lewis had this growing on her house and I remember studying it as a child and thinking I wanted that when I grew up!  waalaa  I have it!

Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ maple

blueberry buds

chives seedlings

  and last but not least, my Japanese maple that dropped all of it's leaves last summer..  As a good gardener should, I am waiting and anticipating that it will spring back to life this year....
one can always hope, can't I ????
 if it should choose to stay dead, I will make yard art of it....looking for signs of life......

I am glad you came along this morning..I can feel the sun trying to peep through all of this fact, there it is!!  the sun, that is .....

I hope your weekend is a good one...I am doing some hard things this weekend...and I am doing some fun, fun things too.....and the combination makes for a very good weekend ahead...

Come again soon....get some dirt beneath your won't be sorry.....



  1. So wish you could meet my friend, Sherrie! We were discussing gardening today at lunch - she loves it, I don't!! I think it is in her DNA, just like it is in yours. I cannot wait to see your beautiful grounds, when everything is in bloom!!!

    1. thank you set the beautiful table and I will bring the flowers..wouldn't we make a good pair?