Friday, December 16, 2011

Rich's Pink Pig tradition

 We rode the Pink Pig......this Atlanta at Macy' will always be  Rich's Pink Pig to me, but now it is at Macy's...go figure...

If you've never heard of the pink pig, you are in for a treat...and if you have ridden it as a child...ENJOY!!

I rode it as a child, my children rode it as children, and now my grandchildren are riding it too.....these kinds of traditions are worth keeping..the good, clean, fun kind......Merry Christmas.....

so excited

the OLD pig

it is quite PINK!!

sorry about the turning in the video....I could blame it on having 3 little boys close by but that wouldn't be the had something to do with the photographer not knowing what she was doing..LOL

the tickets are a big deal

Marshall's first ride

the beloved stickers...

proof that we were here..

thank you for stopping by this morning...I hope you enjoyed our little adventure...the boys surely did..and so did we.....come again soon...

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