Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is my moonflower vine...I grow it every year and it still fascinates me..the first time I grew it was for Bryan's daughter to help get her interested in gardening...you can literally watch the bloom open at sunset..  any child loves watching something like this...and the smell is heavenly...I have been trying for several days to get a picture to show you and I finally have a good one.. this year the vine is growing over my garden gate.and there is an asparagus bean vine intertwined too....it's a good flower to grow...oh, yes, the flower only lasts one night

Here is the bloom almost fully open...
a little wider bloom..so beautiful..and fragrant..
the LAST daylily of the year...a prolific bloomer..one of mama's babies she hybridized..

Bonnie smiling for the camera...

garlic chives


Miss Huff lantana

our persimmon tree is so full.

there's a lot on the horizon.....autumn is on the way..I can feel it in the air..well, almost...
thank you for reading along today...hope to see you again soon...

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  1. Lovely pics and those Moonflowers are beautiful! Have a great day!