Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summertime and the living is easy.....

Last night's supper was mostly vegetables from our garden..this is when the sweat and sore muscles start to pay off..I really am looking forward to cucumbers and tomatoes..can't believe I FORGOT to cook the potatoes . and of course, I did not grow the chicken..YET.....

Our table is mostly set with two place settings these days.  the empty nest has it's benefits ....I like to use real china and real napkins and always have done this....and for all of it to match...so we are into using all the different dishes that are appropriate for summer...but I NEED to get out the sewing machine and make some new napkins....we'll see...if that happens....
here is our table from last night....simply supper for two...
thrift store dishes..Wedgwood's  Napoleon Ivy


and this morning the daylilies are still putting on a show..but they are begging for rain..and so am I..watering gets to be a full time job because I water by hand and try not to use sprinklers to conserve water...some daylily buds are shriveling and dropping off but most of them are looking good...I hope you enjoy what I found this morning...

mama's seedling

tiny red daylily  rebloomer

gift from Daddy

another gift from Daddy

Humdinger..outstanding bloomer..another gift from Daddy

fresh flowers for summer date night
Tonight is our regular date night so I get to eat out...and watch a movie and get my Bryan all to myself..  :-)

I am so glad you stopped by...thank you for reading my words and looking into my world..it really is a good world to live in....just find you some flowers to stop and smell......until next time..


  1. Hi Mona,
    I really enjoyed your post. Your table and your meal look so pretty. We are eating from our garden now as well and it is so good. Your flowers are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing such beauty and hope you are having a great day!

  2. I do not know how I previously missed this post, but I do love your ivy china and, always, the daylilies!! The food looks yummy, too!