Monday, May 23, 2011

First and Daily

If I were a writer I would say I am suffering from writer's matter what I do, I cannot get in the groove right now..this has been going on for weeks...I look back at some of the blogs I have written over the past year or so and it feels like a different woman wrote those....gotta get 'it' back....maybe once the garden is completely planted for the summer season it will be different.. I miss my literary self.  :-)  I enjoy writing

But I am yard is such a beautiful place to spend a park..only it is our little piece of this earth.

My first daylily has bloomed so it is on....summer has arrived and the 'real' flowers are blooming once again...all is right with the, if I can just find my writer self....

first daylily

vegetable garden

yard art

pumpkin bloom

ronde de nice  zucchini


Queen Ann's lace

thank you for reading this morning......


  1. I wish that I did not hate the heat so much. I would love to have a garden like yours. Great job!!