Thursday, December 23, 2010

saying Merry Christmas....

 Merry Christmas to all of you from our house to yours....the season has passed way too quickly.  next year, next year...I will do it differently..(no, I won't)  but saying that makes me feel better about all I didn't get done...LOL

Last year we dressed up the dogs and and took this picture...they have grown a lot since then but they still wear these clothes..
Bo, Tula, Jake, Maggie, Bonnie
 Seems like this has been more of a true picture of me this Christmas season...LOL  sleepy, sleepy..with a lot on my mind about family aging parent that needs to make some huge changes and thinking and praying about that constantly..well, you would be easier to just sleep through it..
Bonnie, my dog
and then I get this reminder that youth is wonderful..and we are only as old as we think we are...this is another of Bonnie's puppies but she lives with someone else and she has been pampered and this is a very current picture taken by someone that took the time to do Christmas this year..this is Aspen and she lives with Kelly and she is just gorgeous, don't you think?
Aspen, loved by Kelly
Well, NEXT year...we will dress them and maybe even get all of the boys to pose with them and maybe we will all have on Christmas clothes and we will do it way ahead of time so that we can be ready to actually mail out Christmas to all of you that I would have mailed Christmas cards to if I had been better prepared..which we know probably won't happen cause it has happened in 57 years so why change it??  because EVERY year I wish I had done it differently....when the pain of change out weighs the pain of staying the same, something gets done...


thank you for reading along with me....

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