Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I thought I would just share a little of what our house looks like right now...I have put out much less than I normally do for Christmas....I wanted it to be a more handmade year....more homey....a little warmth....
So I hope you enjoy this little tour of what I found yesterday...

custom pottery trees by Dorian Zevos

star from Doris's

our tree

another from Doris's

and another from her store

trees made from thrift store jewelry that came from  Doris's

grape vine tree from there too

made by me

from my childhood

muslin rose and sweet annie

I have so many decorations that came from my local Salvation Army through the years...Doris used to have a Christmas shop inside the Salvation Army store on North Avenue and I would help her by putting things out and tying bows and things like that...some of my most wonderful memories.  I think of her the whole time I am pulling things out of storage...she was always so excited when I found something to use in my house...it truly was an amazing time when Doris ran her thrift store...she made a lot of people happy...and the thrift store that she had was the BEST I have ever shopped especially the Christmas store ...they just don't make them like they used to.....this is a nod to my friend Doris and all of the Christmas decorations that I bought from you over the years.....you helped make my house beautiful.....

thank you dear readers....for staying with me...and Merry Christmas....

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