Friday, November 12, 2010

The Beauty Around Us

Sometimes it's not so easy to see what we have...I know I take for granted all the good things that surround me...after all it is just everyday life..

Yesterday I decided to take a walk in my own backyard and take the camera...I was on a hunt for a good picture...  :-)

I had my faithful companions.........
and we were off to walk around this wonderful place I call home........I am so very thankful for this beautiful land that is ours...

Here is what I found
backyard garden

maple at edge of woods

down into the woods

emerging from the woods

redwood planted for Will
The leaves are turning a brilliant red and gold.....the lighting is as beautiful as an Old Master's oil is true art to look at really notice what is around us..  these trees and this land are my secret garden...When you ride down our busy, busy road, our little house is pretty hidden by the trees and the backyard is a definite surprise to those that stop and come in.....I love, love, love what a gift we have been given in this place we live....I waited a long time to get it and it was worth the wait.....

Take time to walk around where you are...enjoy what you see...your sphere of influence where you live...take advantage of the beauty around you and make your home a better place because you live there....

Thank you for walking around my home with me...I am grateful for you, my reader..

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