Monday, October 18, 2010

What's In An Acorn??

I thought I would take you on a little tour of our home this morning.  We have a theme going on that means a whole lot to us but it might be overlooked if you don't know the story behind it....
I inherited this light fixture from my Grandmother Lewis' house.  I carried it around in a box for 35 years and it finally found a home here at Winterpast in hangs over our dining room you can see there is an acorn .....My Daddy was born at home under this chandelier....legacy there my friends..
I heard a sermon a while back and then again yesterday about the acorn.....Inside of every acorn there is an oak tree..and since this is a theme of our home, I thought I would think out loud about it....and that is what this blog, my ideas, my opinions, and my insights given to you in hopes of helping you to live life more help you to avoid some of the mistakes I have made and to mainly share with you from the heart of an older woman...
These are my Thanksgiving dishes....they are absolutely beautiful and feature acorns around the edges of the plates...I grew up eating on china just like this..My Mama gave my brother the set of china and I longed for them and the memories of them for many years..One year Bryan said to me..find those dishes and buy you a set...WOW! so that is what I did...they even came with their own little story...I bought them from a woman that was showing her antiques at Brimfield Antique Show the very weekend that I contacted her..theses dishes were already on display but she assured me that she would pack them up and ship them the next week....In the meantime, they were displayed in her booth...Barbra Streisand came by and picked up my plates and wanted to buy them...they were already SOLD to the dealer was so excited to tell me about this..  I look so forward to getting them out and using them in our family celebration of Thanksgiving....and will gladly pass them on to the next generation so the legacy can continue...and the story of the famous dishes..  :-)
Here is a little random picture....
and a gift from my daughter.....
and these little acorns were found in  a Christmas display..I bought one and the lady then gave me the rest........a little encouragement that acorns are indeed our story.
Our house is surrounded by HUGE oak trees...Three of I am reminded any time I want to pay attention, that a mighty oak tree is contained in that little seed of an acorn ....
How many times do we overlook something as small as an acorn in our life , not realizing it can become as enormous as an oak tree?
I am starting this week off all the tiny seeds or small beginnings that are in my life...the potential to become something great is contained in these little things that I mostly overlook...I am making a choice to be more turn aside and appreciate and think about..what is there that looks really small and insignificant but will probably grow into something as large and as significant as a full grown oak tree?
We all have our own acorns...what will we do with them?  hang them on the wall?  put them in a bowl? make a light fixture out of them?  just admire them?  or will you do as I am doing today?  plant them in good soil and watch them grow into something significant?   
you will be glad you did..
as always, thank you for being here..and believing in me....


  1. "They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor."

    Great post!

  2. I didn't know about your Streisand connection! That's neat.