Thursday, January 12, 2017

Me and Maggie

She is a wonderful companion.  She laid down and waited patiently while I took some pictures this morning.  We still miss Bonnie so much but this is our new and Maggie..we make a good team and she is intent in keeping her eye on me...taking her job very seriously.

The Lord gives us what we need when we need it...  She was here and waiting when Bonnie died.  It really has been an easy transition for her to be a full time house dog now...

We still love, love the screened back porch.  We are having such warm springlike temperatures that I am tempted to eat supper out there tonight...

I found this little magnolia seedling this morning.  I wonder if I can successfully move it?  hmmm  I just might try that.   We have several bigger magnolias all through our woods.

This are mahonia buds.  They look like stalks of brussell sprouts to me.  I love this plant even though some say is it invasive.  It behaves rather nicely on our far...

Well, my dear husband gave me a new very BIG monitor for Christmas.  It is one suited for photography and the colors are spectacular..  I must say I am really enjoying it.  Right before Christmas I ran up on an antique white wicker desk for a few dollars.  I bought it quickly because I have been looking for one for about 20 years.  So, this morning, with husband's help, we moved the old too high desk OUT!  and the new white wicker PERFECT height desk into my room.  I tell you the truth, I feel like I have my life back.  Since we moved the office from our house into a business district several years ago, I have been just making do with what was left here.   Not any more...This is the first time I have enjoyed typing a blog in months   years..  Yes, it is nice to have a desk I can call my own.  a ladies desk that fits me..whew, I had no idea how much I missed this..  Maybe I will begin to blog again...

Thank you for stopping by..


  1. Well that would be great! So often the right "tools" make all the difference. Your Maggie is a pretty girl and how nice to read that she is a good companion. Never have heard of mahonia...must do some froogling.

  2. The right height is very important when using your computer. You can really throw your shoulders out of wack.

    MY Border Collie is just like that with me. Where I go he goes and he is my very best friend, always keeping an eye on my activities.

    So glad to read your blog and that you got a new moniter.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. I hope you do start blogging again. I miss your lovely writing and beautiful pictures that are bigger than instagram! LOL!
    My Mahonia does fine. It's the birds that scatter the berries and they take root but not many and they are easy to give away or throw away. They pull up easily.

  4. That Maggie sure is a cute one. She looks like a loyal dog too. :) Enjoy your monitor. You take some of the most wonderful pictures, Mona.