Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Flowers #11

Summer seems to be heating up rather than winding down.   I can't believe we enter August tomorrow....where has the year gone?

At least the okra, peas and crepe myrtle like this weather...I think we should have some ripe tomatoes this next week...hooray..  as my son in law said..they are about $500 a piece tomatoes.  LOL  It does take a lot of water and sweat and work but in the end, it is worth it to us to taste those homegrown tomatoes...and make tomato sandwiches with Duke's mayonnaise...

It is just too hot and miserable for me to take pictures this week so I thought I would show you all the differences since we added the porch.  I cannot wait for cooler weather so we can live out there..

Here is the" before the ice storm" and all of that...It was taken last year..  That huge oak being gone has made such a difference.  It shaded the whole back of the house..The new porch is wonderful and shades the house somewhat but not the flowerbeds.  The Bloodgood maple has died back from sunscorch.  I am sure I will have to make lots of changes in these beds this fall....

 Just a few before and afters...  Lots of changes around here..  Even though it was not something we had planned to do, I am thrilled with the results.  The new porch and deck have made the whole backyard more livable and beautiful.  It was definitely a silver lining...

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  1. Hello Mona,
    I bet you're going to love those home grow tomatoes. There's nothing like them. My husband planted a garden this spring and we have already had a few of his ripe tomatoes, but the big ones aren't ready yet. Your yard always amazes me - it's such a large area and so green. I hope you are enjoying the summer days, with this being the last day of July.


  2. Oh I just love silver linings and I can see the many benefits to this one. Autumn is going to be soooo fine this year! You may be able to go well into November or December???

  3. Such a big difference and I can see how it must open up the garden so much. Enjoy the new space and the light!
    Wish I could send some of the cool temps your way and you send some heat our way. I hope august will bring the sun back. I miss it so much.