Monday, November 2, 2015

The November Dishes

There is no better way to begin the month of November than a beautiful tablesetting with my brown transferware.  It surely says late fall to me..

Just a short update..the glasses are no  I replaced them with Antique by Lenox in brown.
much more elegant, I think...
the new glasses

Here is the older post..

Every November I start using these brown and white dishes as I get ready for Thanksgiving.  This week are the 9 in dinner plates...more like a luncheon plate to me.....or a big salad plate..

I thought I would add these beautiful blue salad bowls to bring out the blue in these plates..  I am just crazy about colored glass and it has been one of my collections for years... I especially like it when it is placed near or in the windows....the way it casts shadows just makes me happy..

Once again, my dishes have a memory...these depression glass plates....candlewick, I think...belonged to my grandmother..  I got them when my Daddy closed out his house about 3 years ago..I really like the texture they bring to the setting....

Acorns and oak leaves to match the border on the plates....

I have lots of these glasses in 3 sizes.... a really good ebay purchase several years ago..They are Old Williamsburg by Imperial..

Just some of my turkeys and an alabaster urn with my Thanksgiving cactus.  and a green metal urn with another cactus..

Simple, but it says November..Brown and white, pewter silverware and brown toile cloth.....acorns and oak leaves...

It seems I have so much to do in the next 3 weeks.  I always get like this about 3 weeks out and think I will NEVER get it all done in time.  Starting to feel a little overwhelmed so I know that tomorrow NEEDS to be a planning day..  I have to get it all laid out and the menu made...Then I will realize just how much I love all of this and, I start to feel overwhelmed like this...and every single Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch...and if we do have a hitch, it's usually not a big deal..

How do you go about planning for Thanksgiving?   Maybe I am needing a little Flylady encouragement. LOL

This week, I am joining these lovely parties..

Cuisine Kathleen  on Wednesday

Between Naps on the Porch on Thursday

A Delightsome Life  on Thursday

The Tablescaper on Saturday
Happy Thanksgiving planning!!

Love, Mona


  1. Oh Mona, your tablescape is wonderful- so so perfect for November and for Thanksgiving!

    Well done, my friend! ♥

  2. Mona, your tablescape is very lovely. The blue really makes the table pop. Everything goes so well together.

  3. Such a charmingly pretty table you've set, Mona, as always! The views alone, are so warm and welcoming; love the way the sun streams into the room, and makes itself comfortable at your table. The dishes are lovely and my favourite thing are 'just' the turkeys! Long, leisurely lunches and beautiful breakfast mornings, I'm sure, are enjoyed here. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Beautiful tablescape for November Mona. The Brown dishes and glasses are stunning, I love them!

  5. Lovely dishes and that embroidery is wonderful .....I love the light streaming in...:)
    While I make a fuss for Thanksgiving, it's all men and kids here and they don't notice a thing except the mashed potatoes :) If I am lucky one of my sons will have a girlfriend and SHE will notice the fuss :)

  6. Oh so pretty! I want brown dishes so badly, but I keep telling myself I do not need them, now I think I need them again~thanks for sharing!! jennifer

    1. I wanted to come back and share with you not one hour after I posted this, my husband came home with my anniversary present~you guessed it a 12 piece place setting of brown transferware and he did not even know I was pining for it!

  7. The blue glass is stunning with your wonderful plates! Very unusual but I love it! Tables can all look the same this time of year, you really made yours stand out! I am feeling behind already~sometimes you just need to take a day and sort it all out, I'm sure everything will be perfect! Delegate!

  8. Hi Mona,
    I love your pretty plates... so perfect for Thanksgiving! The candlewick ones are such a treasure to have. You pulled everything together so nicely and those napkins with the acorns are wonderful. I loved it all! xo

  9. I have some brown and white dishes I pull out about this time of year, too. It's a fun tradition, isn't it? Your candlewick plates and the smoky-brown glasses are the perfect complement to your plates.

  10. Beautiful tablescape! Love the Johnson Brothers plates! wow!

  11. Those JB plates are wonderful...and the blue glass is stunning with the sun bouncing off them. I am hoping my cactus blossom for Christmas this year...last year it was about March!
    Have a wonderful week, Mona...

  12. Everything looks so pretty with the sunlight streaming across the table! I love the detail in the Johnson Brothers plates--perfect for November.

  13. The plates and place settings are lovely! I can see why you like those dishes so much.

  14. Your table is lovely! I really like your plates, especially your grandmother's! The holidays can be stressful but I've noticed, like you, having a written plan puts my mind to ease (most of the time)!!! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

  15. Everything looks beautiful! Holiday china comes out today at my house, too.

  16. Wow I love that pattern on those Johnson Brothers dishes! The blue does grab your eye- I love colored glass too. My Christmas Cactus is getts flowers too. I think making lists is the only way to keep yourself sane for these dinner events. Our family (4 sisters, kids, and my Mom) gather together and each one brings a dish that's part of the main meal so it's not all on one person. That helps tremendously!

  17. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Johnson Brothers dishes are Gorgeous ! Your tablescape with them are so beautiful for the holidays.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my fall Tablescape, hoping you have a wonderful week with family.

  18. Mona,
    These brown dishes and glasses are just right for Thanksgiving. The blue plates add a pretty splash of color and look very nice. Nel will be having the Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year as a married woman, and I'm anxious to see her table. She has a few new dishes she wants to try out too.

    November is such a warm and special month spent with family. I'm glad you will be spending it with all your loved ones too.


  19. Your lighting at your kitchen table is dreamy. I love the ambience of your room. Your pop of blue is a neat addition to add some interest and it is my favorite color! I have one Historic blue plate in this pattern with the view of Boston. Tell me about your charger plates.

    You have the table done and to me that is a huge start. We have a home cooking restaurant that sells dressing, casseroles, pies, etc. I am buying the dressing and I feel no shame. Their's is delicious. It comes uncooked so it will be freshly baked at my house.

    We also have the same menu on Thanksgiving so that's takes some pressure away too. Yours will be wonderful.

  20. Not only do I like your dishes but all that you have combined with them to make a most appealing table. Every year I look at brown and white dishes but so far have not made the purchase. One of these days it will happen because when I see what a pretty table they make, I find myself wishing.

  21. HI Mona! Your table is so lovely. What gorgeous dishes too. I love the soft water color look with the brown and white. Your glasses are so pretty too. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Hi Mona, I love your Historic America plates. I love brown transferware for November, they are perfect for mixing with all of the fall colors. All of the little turkeys and the Old Williamsburg glasses add so much charm to this lovely tablescape. The blue bowls give a lovely pop of color to the table especially with the sun streaming through the window casting a pretty blue shadow on the tablecloth.


  23. So beautiful with the the historic plates. Love your color scheme
    Thanks for sharing
    Greetings from Sunny South Africa

  24. I love your color combination, The blue makes the other dishes really pop! I like that your dishes have stories attached as many of mine do too.

  25. Your tablescape is gorgeous - love the dishes and the pop of blue! I do apprecate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  26. Great to see your post. I love some of the new elements you have added. The chevron cloth is striking showcasing your brown transferware. I like your new glasses too. I always enjoy your photos.
    I enjoyed looking your post over again and found myself scrolling over and over because there are many eye catching pieces. Your Thanksgiving cactus reminds me of my parents and I love your little turkeys.
    It was great to hear from you. You are a sweet blogging friend.


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