Wednesday, May 1, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

This week I decided to set a table with my beloved Ballerina was made by Universal Potteries in the 50's.  and the colors are some of my favorites...

There is a story behind my love of these dishes.  it developed over time..and the collection grew and grew....

This gray bowl used for the flowers, belonged to my Mama..she used to make the best egg and olive salad in this bowl...the markings have long worn off and I didn't know the maker for a long was just a keepsake..
and the burgundy platter underneath was bought because of a memory from Thanksgivings of my childhood...very useful for cranberry salad....but I still did not know the extent of the Ballerina dinnerware...

Once again I bought a little green relish tray from as estate sale and the lady was making a BIG deal about it being Ballerina dishes...still clueless...LOL 

But lo and behold EBAY came about...and I did a little bit of research..and the rest is history....I discovered Ballerina and bought all of the solid colors that I could find at reasonable prices...this was in the very beginning of is not reasonable anymore... I won't tell the story about the man that shipped about 40 pieces to me in a flimsy box without any packing....I opened a box of pieces of china..only salvaged a few of the pieces...lesson learned...packing is important...

So, I tried to edit the pictures...wink, wink....I hope you enjoy this nod to the 50's...and to my Mama.......

All of the flowers are from my garden.  we are coming into the blooming season and it is so much fun to match the blooming flowers with the dishes..white roses, lamb's ears, dusty miller and boxwood seems to fit...

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Y'all come visit...lots of beautiful table settings..


  1. A few of your favorite things for good reason! What a great collection!!! I love it when color is played with a lot. You did a great job of that here.

    I think we all do a little "editing" from time to time! No shame in that! And your Mama would be pleased as punch! I have never heard of egg and olive salad, but I'll bet it was the best ever coming out of that special bowl. remember it well enough to speak about it here. That's so sweet. You did a wonderful job of arranging the flowers in the bowl. Dusty Miller is one of my favorite fillers. It's not as floppy as Lamb's Ear, but has the same fuzzy skin. Love it!

    Very pretty as well as sentimental, Mona.

  2. I knew I recognized those dishes. My mother had a few pieces of this. Beautiful table!

  3. Mona, this is lovely. I too love these colors and never heard of this china. It's wonderful to learn something! Love your flowers in that bowl.. and the colors of the china.. just wonderful. I just love soft and welcoming that china is. Great table and I'm sure your mother is smiling! xo marlis

  4. So many wonderful memories. I too have never heard of Ballerina china, but I'm happy to learn. Gorgeous centerpiece.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your mom in this Mother's Day month. I've never heard of ballerina china, but the colors are soft and lend themselves to blending. The flowers are perfect with your pretty tableware.

  6. Mona, what a great title for your beautiful table...the colors are wonderful. It reminds me of a couple pieces of chartreuse Franciscan El Patio I have. I love the square salad plates.
    I love hearing how dish collections come about.
    Have a wonderful week...

  7. Oh, thoses dishes!! What a fabulous collection of mid-century dishware. Thank you so much for sharing them. And it is so much fun to learn something while enjoying a beautiful tablescape.

  8. These are such interesting dishes--I have never heard of them! I love the little circular handle on the teacups. Now I'll keep my eyes open. They do look so attractive all together on your table. Linda


  9. So striking! I have quite a bit of Universal Ballerina, first pieces found at the Salvation Army, others pricier, but my last find was a forest green sugar bowl at Good will for .99. I use them all the time, often mixing them with Russel Wright and a line called Decorama that I can't find online or anywhere else. My mother made egg salad with olives, one of my favorites.

    1. thank you Margaret. I wish there was some way to answer you. do you have a blog? finding those Johnson Brothers dishes was sure a wonderful find for you. I had to buy them from someone that sold at Brimfield years ago..she mailed them to me....thanks for visiting me..please do come again..
      Love, Mona

  10. Just looked at a couple of your older posts and discovered that we must be sisters: I found 10 of the Johnson Brothers Historic America Thanksgiving plates in a junk shop in New Orleans last summer and love them to death.

  11. What a pretty collection of dishes. I can see why they are favorites.

  12. I do know about Ballerina dishes - I have always loved them and Lu-Ray ones. They remind me of each other. Your combination of colors is fantastic and so sophisticated. Love it. It is even more special that the bowl belonged to you mother.
    Beautiful table, my friend!

  13. Im with you when it comes to doing a table filled with favorite things that are never tiresome.

  14. I love this pattern of china! I have a few pieces but your collection has me smiling with joy!

  15. Mona,
    Your table looks lovely, and the pieces from your mother are a treasure. I just posted a few things that belonged to my mom too - I guess we are thinking the same thing right now. It's nice that you remember the cranberry salad at Thansgiving. Those memories will stay with you forever. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things. I loved seeing them, and how special that they are from the 50's.


  16. Your Mama would love this table Mona. It is beautiful with all it's layers of ballerina. I have lost my Pin it button too among other things. Cause this needs pinning, hugs, olive

  17. Such pretty, deep colors. I love that each place setting is different, but it all comes together beautifully. The flowers from your garden are beautiful. laurie

  18. I also wanted to tell you that I LOVE that photo of the dogs in your header. laurie

  19. You have set the table with beautiful color combinations, and I really love the flower arrangement having blossoms(?) and the different greens.

  20. I think one of my aunts had these dishes in the gray though, until now, I never knew they were a special kind of dish. I love learning new things through people's blogs! I had a similar "poorly packed" Ebay experience in the beginning too. Two beautiful, I've never seen them since, pieces of depression glass. Lesson learned! Love the flowers from your garden - perfect for your pretty setting.
    Have a lovely Sunday,