Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kindle Testing

I am learning how to use my new Kindle...My son and daughter in law gave it to me for my birthday....and I was speechless..all I could do was cry....what a total surprise...Thank you Jon and Michelle..more than you know....
All that to say this is a test to see if I can write a blog from here....

 just some pretty azaleas and an iris.....

Yep....pretty sure I am going to love this....


  1. Beautiful flowers! Happy birthday, enjoy the Kindle!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Isn't new technology fun once you get the hang of it. Happy Birthday, Laura

  3. I do think it worked!! The photographs are lovely! I was in our home town this week-end and passed by your grandmother's house. I had to remind my sister all about her gorgeous daylilies. Memory Lane - all week-end!!

  4. I had no clue that was possible. I know that commenting on my SIL's iPad is difficult and drives me crazy. Hope you are having a terrific week.

  5. Cool!!!! I'm not really all that savvy when it comes to Kindles and such (it's called "stuck in the past"!), but I think it's great for those people who are!!! Enjoy learning all the functions!!!


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