Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Beauty of Restoration

Sometimes a story is put into my hands and it just has to be written. Especially when it is repeated more than once during  a day..this is what happened to me and I want to share with you what I experienced.
Yesterday I went by one of my favorite little shops, Agora, to pick up a lady head vase that she had found for me.  Well, it was actually two but this is about one of them in particular.

I love these vases and they are kinda hard to find so I get excited to  get a new one.  When I picked them up, I realized that one of them had been badly broken and glued back together..she said is it okay?  I thought for one second and said yes...I brought them home after a day of running errands and unwrapped the broken one..it is beautiful and has been lovingly glued back together..done very nicely..and from a distance it is not very noticeable..
But on closer inspection, you can really see the places where she was broken and put back together.
I had seen a post earlier in the day on facebook and I was reminded of it as I looked at my lady...
"When God repairs us He makes us better; don't believe the lie that you are still who you used to be"
wow...there is a theme today about what is being said to me..I need to pay attention here...

You see..I am/was/still am a broken woman..Life has not always been so kind to me..let alone the people on this planet that are living life at the same time as me.....BUT...and I say a real BIG but...

I have been restored by a LOVING CRAFTSMAN..He knew exactly where the pieces needed to go to put me back together..He  used super glue or maybe even Gorilla glue cause I am telling you this...I AM put back together and from a distance, you probably can't even tell there was a broken in a million pieces woman here....but if you take the time to get up close, you will see the cracks where I was mended...Still wearing my lipstick and my pearls, I am whole again..but not without scars and chips and all of the little irregularities that make me less than perfect..I want to be real rather than perfect and restored rather than never having known brokenness.  Like a bone that has been broken; when it mends, it is stronger in that place than before the break.  This is the woman I have become.  I am no longer really soft, but I have a resolve that came from being broken..Here is the key...I brought ALL the pieces to God and He put me back together again....He put this lady head vase in my life to remind me of the beauty of restoration....Thank You, Lord...love never fails...


  1. Awesome--I love it when God speaks to me like that! Here's to the true SUPER glue-Jesus!

  2. So glad to hear from you, Mona.
    Love your post today. You write so well and what a beautiful witness your story shares. Many need the encouragement you have given in your post. We all need reminding apart from HIM we can do nothing.
    I think the face vases have so much personality. What a fun collection. I have a friend that restores beautifully with paint and gluing. Your vases look great in your bookshelves.
    Whew! I thought I lost this comment. Glad it was still here.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my tablescape. I just took the leaves out of the table and put the dishes up. I am so slow these days. Thankfully, it was a covered dish for a club I am in. I had another table set in the kitchen. It could have been 25 but only 19 attended.
    So glad the sun is out. I walked this morning in a cloudy mist After a long spell of cloudy rainy days I love the sun this afternoon. Blessings to you. Bonnie

  3. Wonderful! I love it. I love the photos. Wonderful restoration.