Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friday Flowers #14

Here are some flowers of late summer...

Well, since this is Labor Day weekend I had better get these summery tablescapes on this blog or forget about it til next year.  It's kinda like wearing white shoes after Labor Day..We southern ladies just don't do it...

So, I am going to hodgepodge this post..Probably lots of pictures so I hope you are along for the ride...I might even join a party or two.....Now for the late summer roundup of the things I never posted this summer......Hold on....

 here are some flower filled tables...

and another one..

I have a little addition to my tables.  This pattern was my Mama's and she said she sold it years ago.  I have always loved it and now I am sure you will be seeing a LOT more of this beautiful French Renaissance on my tables..

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and do something fun...

Get out your pretty dishes and pick some flowers and set a beautiful table...  it doesn't take much to do this....


I'll be joining      Simple and Sweet Fridays


  1. Beautiful! You sure do take wonderful pictures.

  2. Oh Mona, simply beautiful flowers and your table is set so pretty. Thanks for all the wonderful photo's.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Beautiful colors! Hope that you break the conventional rules. I love flowers and featuring them for as long as they last...often into November.
    White shoes...well, I might wear them in September if I owned any.

  4. What a festive table, Mona. I like all the bright colors. Your silverware is so lovely. I really like your pictures every time I visit. They are so vivid with a softness here and there. And your flowers are some of the prettiest I've seen in blog land.

    Have a relaxing and fun Labor Day weekend.


  5. Your flowers and tables capes look gorgeous and inviting…I especially adore the top zinnia photo.

  6. Good are the first "Mona" I've run into in blogland.
    I wrote a long comment and then deleted it :) as I remembered this is all a very public place.'s nice to meet you.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Sept. 13th.

  7. I love your flowers and tablescapes. Your photography is excellent as always.
    It's a gorgeous day today. Cooler and so pleasant. My spider lilies are opening which was a nice surprise. Had forgotten it was time for them.
    Your zinnias are so pretty. I enjoyed your post today.