Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Color Is White?

I have been thoroughly challenged by the lovely Kathleen from Cuisine Kathleen to do a table with ONLY white dishes and one other color..  I was thinking it would be a snap to pull this together.....well, I will let you be the judge on that one.....300 pictures  and 3 complete centerpiece rearrangements later, this is my white dishes only  tablescape....

This little fruit compote was what started it all years ago......

Then I found this covered vegetable bowl .........

Also this little cream pitcher.....all in  Impromptu by Iroquois... a Ben Seibel design..called Bridal White...

 then, this challenge came along and I was able to find 10 white plates in this pattern right after that.  I had been looking for these plates for years...NOW!  I had the vision of a lovely table...

I grew up with Impromptu dishes in Bridal White and this is what I featured on my table this week.  I set many tables in my childhood home with these dishes and I still love them...The feel of these white plates is like bone china...very smooth and simple..

I used a mixture of white cups on the plates.  I only have one of the original fruit compotes (I am in process of fixing that.  LOL) replacements didn't have any this time....

The clear glass chargers came from the Lenox outlet.  One of the rare purchases of dishes from a retail store...but I think you will agree, they are beautiful...

White damask tablecloth, white monogrammed napkins, white lace and white pottery.....all from years of thrifting....

My one other color is this one...creamy, caramel dried roses....... just the flowers and one candlestick are not white.....

These glasses by Libbey are mid century too..and they are just like the ones my Mama used with her white dishes....

An old Spode jug I received as a gift in the early 70's..

The silverware came from Mama Oneida but I don't remember the pattern....this is a table with many childhood memories for me. and a lot of modern touches that are the present me..  That is what I like mix the old and the new, the tried and the true..  old memories and new all works together and makes a brand new, never been done before table...original and creative...filled with inspiration...

This has been a fun table to pull to plan ahead and put some thought into what I am doing..not just fly by the seat of my pants as is too often the case in my life....As I get older and more set in my ways, wink, wink... I rather enjoy having to do something out of the ordinary..thank you Kathleen....

and in the meantime, find another set of dishes to begin collecting...LOL

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will visit these other blogs..There is a lot of work and creativity that goes into them..and they would really appreciate your visit and your comments......


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  1. What fabulous dishes! I love the mid-century design, and how fun that you found a vintage advertisement for them! I know that you enjoyed reminiscing about setting the table with the same pattern as a child. Your table turned out beautifully! I really love that overhead shot!

  2. Your table is just stunning, I love the dead roses they are so beautiful and the texture is awesome...I love all of your dishes, bowls and wonderful additions to the table...

  3. I love your beautiful table of memories that you hold dear. I agree this was quite a challenge! I too love old & new. Great dishes, centerpiece and a wonderfully written post! Thank you and Blessings My Friend,

  4. Mona, every time that I look at your posts, I think that I must buy a new camera!!! However, I probably still would not be able to produce photos as lovely, as these.I love all of your dishes and your artistic eye is evident in every shot. Love the way that you put everything together. Your mother would be sooooo proud!!!

  5. Your mother had classic tastes and your table is elegant.

  6. Wow, what a lovely assortment of white dishes! You must have had fun putting this together

  7. Your challenge white table is wonderful! The centerpiece with all the great antique and vintage china with the creamy white roses just so gorgeous. I really enjoyed the magazine add of your lovely china and so glad you used this special china for your tablescape! Have a special fall week!


  8. Mona, Be still my heart! My favorite mid-century dishes are also loved by you and on your table. Yup, finding a piece here or there at the thrifts is all it takes, lol. My Stellar design is so similar to the Bridal White, save for a little design. I've thought of mixing some of the Bridal White with mine. I had trouble finding the fruit compotes myself, and the pattern is faded in the few I have.

    I'm so happy to see you also love these dishes and that they are a part of your history! You met the challenge with flying colors! Hugs, Pam

  9. You met the challenge so well, Mona! I especially am drawn to the crocheted cloth in the middle of the table. Your dried roses add such a vintage charm to your table, too.

  10. White on white ~ I love it! Beautiful assortment of white dishes and the monogram is exquisite. Well done!

  11. Your table is so elegant! I love the smooth lines of your dishes. I think my grandmother had some clear glasses like those on your table. Sweet memories of meals at her table flooded my mind. Thank you!
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  12. I really enjoyed your description as this table came together! The dried roses complement the vintage look of the dishes just perfectly. Thanks for sharing your wonderful table!

  13. Beautiful! Love those roses...this table is lovely.

  14. What colour is white?

    Well, if it includes your shades and shadows of this most alluring hue, then, I would say it's elegant, porcelain pretty and pure as pearls! What a stunning array of pattern, texture and colour. Layered and lovely, in all its brilliance, your table reminds me of a bride's veil, delicate, intricate and soft.

    You set a wonderfully white table, Mona!


  15. This is a great table, I love the profusion of white pieces and the color coming from the "caramelized" roses~stunning!

  16. You have the gift, Mona. So lovely. I love how you did your centerpiece. You are so good at tablescaping and thrifting. Your monogramed napkins are beautiful. I would have never thought of the caramelized roses but what a great idea and clever pretty description of their color.

  17. I love the simplicity of your table, Mona...all white was a challenge for me, too! The centerpiece is wonderful with the (I am betting they have a special meaning) caramel roses.
    Have a wonderful week, Mona...

  18. Excellent job! Love the centerpice- I like the arrangement of everything in it. You really did a great job with the mid century dishes. The dried roses are a perfect touch!

  19. White on white, very stunning. The photos are amazing! Diane

  20. It was hard Mona, wasn't it? I thought maybe it was just me as I have done this white challenge a few times, and I am running out of ideas! You did a great job, love all you different whites and the story behind them!
    No more white tables for awhile!
    Stay tuned for the November challenge! Your package went out last week, so be on the look out for it!

  21. Mona, I agree with you that the true joy lies in blending my life traditions with my present passions. You've done a beautiful job with your white challenge. It does take quite a bit of thought! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  22. I love the simple beauty of your all white tablescape. The dried roses add a perfect splash of color.


  23. Love to hear where everything comes from. Just marvelous.

    You're always welcome at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Isn't it fantastic all the shades of whte there are! Your china set is gorgeous! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,