Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Newest Tablescaper and Superman

We had our four grandchildren, ranging in age from almost seven to 10 months old, for a few days this week...  Three boys and a baby girl can fill up a house in a hurry...Mac had just recently had a birthday and we weren't able to go because we were sick, so he brought Superman cupcakes to share with us here..

And, of course, I needed to set a table for the cupcakes......

I kept it very simple..One of the best things I did was use this blue neoprene for a table covering.  I wrapped the tabletop with it and sewed it underneath the table with fishing line so it would stay put..

This is Mac..the birthday boy who hid behind this red cup every time he saw me with the camera....

Just in case you have never had four grandchildren descend on your house at one time...let me fill you in on the way it is..LOL   from my point of view.....

All of a sudden, there is a flurry of activity..and more little hands reaching for things that one would think humanly possible...Quickly things change..there is no more time for any type of is all hands on deck to get the food on the get plates fixed and to keep everyone in their seats and..then....JUMP UP and get a towel or two because a large cup of RED Hawaiian Punch spills just as we sit down to eat.....Then, we start over..refill the cup and laugh at all the little puddles of sticky, red liquid under every conceivable object on the entire table.sigh..

So glad I took a few pictures before we started.....because,
I needed this tablescape for my blog...LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!!

It was a wonderful meal really..lots of chatter and laughing..and only one spill....and Mac served everyone cupcakes on Superman plates..sorry I didn't get a picture of them but I plain out forgot..I did get these of the cupcakes...

Meet The Newest Tablescaper

The next morning, MaryElla started playing with these dishes I gave her... and lo and behold, I realized I needed my camera..have you ever photographed little people?  it is NOT an easy thing to do...They move all the time...

And we have the beginnings of another generation of tablescaping.... It is never too early to develop the love of dishes in a little girl....and she did love playing with these..

But I must show the truth of this picture...there was a matchbox car close by her at all times..(three brothers are making their mark)....

It finally won out..oh, dear....she will need many trips to Honey's house (that's me)  where dishes and dolls prevail...I will call it dish and doll girl therapy.....oh, yes..I will throw in a huge dose of jewelry and perfume and dressup clothes..including mink stoles.....Can you tell I am over the top thrilled about this girl??  the first one to sit quietly next to me on the sofa and play..and cries when she has to leave me to go home....YEP!!  she has stolen my heart..big time... 

The boys already had me but this one, she is different..she is a GIRL....and likes girl things.....

for the most part......

Being a grandmother is the reward of a lifetime of hardwork in raising children...this is the gravy..the dessert....the very finest wine part....

and now my son and his wife are adding to their family too..already two boys and .more to come in  early 2014...this is indeed worth growing older for..

Yes, we spent the last few days with four little people and five dogs all in one small house......

My cup overflows.....

Thank you for stopping by...

I hope to see you again soon...


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  1. Picked up my younger two grands today for a sleep-over. Nothing like being a grandmother - love your photos!

    1. thank you Diane and enjoy your visit...

  2. Oh Mona, your are truly blessed. What beautiful grandchildren and that little girl. I can see why she stole your heart. Enjoy all the girly things..... My granddaughter Kelly is coming to spend a few days with me on Friday and I can hardly wait. She will be 11 in October. I only have 1 but that okay, at least I do have one.
    Happy memories.

    1. Mary, what a sweet age at 11.....I know you already know that....

  3. I remember going through this with #3 grandson, but it was Batman. You have beautiful grandkids, Mona...enjoy them while they are still small!

    1. I am doing my best to remember how fleeting these young years are.....

  4. Mona,
    Oh, I remember the Superman days. My son dressed up in Superman when he was a just a small boy. Boys have such imaginations, and your granddaughter is precious. How blessed you are to be filled with all their love.


  5. Oh, your grandchildren are adorable! I'm laughing out loud about your description of having them at your house. You gave the perfect description of our house when the 5 grands come to visit. Your table for the late b'day party looks great, and it looks like they had so much fun at Honey's house. I can see why that precious little girl has stolen your heart. Great post. laurie

    1. Laurie, I knew that anybody with that many can understand completely..LOL nonstop action from morning til night...and I love it..I can rest when they leave...
      Love, M

  6. You are so blessed! What a precious brood. Their faces tell the whole story of how much they love being there. Granddaughters are special though, I agree. Great post.. xo marlis

  7. Sounds totally delightful! Now you'll probably need a three day nap to recover. Such beautiful babes...your newest angel is absolute perfection, and the boys are so handsome. Love the Superman table....the fishing line idea would also be neat to incorporate for outdoor tables on a windy day. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. What a darling idea to honor the birthday super boy! Your grands are darling, and I know these times spent with them are precious. Enjoy!

  9. It looks as if you made it just as special for them as they did for you! Very creative tablescape! And it has got to be very special to have a grandgirlie in your life.

  10. What a wonderful party! You are truly blessed and your little grand daughter is precious! Great tablescape and pics!

  11. What a fun post to read, Mona! I loved seeing your cute grands and sharing in your special memories.

  12. What a fun, sweet post! Yes, grandchildren are the BEST reward! I could just SEE all the lively activity at your fun Superman table! And I think "dish and doll therapy" is just what a little granddaughter needs!

  13. So sweet! My grandson {5} always hides his face too! I don't have a decent picture of him! Funny! I love your newest tablescaper, adorable!!

  14. They all look like they are having such a wonderful time without a care in the world...and the sweet little girl does look like she will be a cute little tablescaper someday..thanks for sharing you precious grands

  15. Being a grandmother is the reward of a lifetime of hardwork in raising children...this is the gravy..the dessert....the very finest wine part.

    What an absolutely wonderful quote. I am posting it on my message board. Thank you for sharing it.
    And tea parties are the BEST parties.

  16. Tablescapes and kids just don't work! I have 5 , all siblings, and I keep it very simple when they are here!