Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a New Year!!

Being the true southern girl that I am, we ate our way through New year's Eve and New Year's Day..  never thought I would be spending the first day of a new year COOKING!!!   LOL  not one of my favorite pastimes but tradition won out and I got that traditional New Year's meal on our table for one more year...collards, blackeye peas, hog jowl and cornbread......this year we added Boudin for a little variety..I think it is one of my favorite foods....thanks to my dear husband, I have learned quite a lot about Cajun food and, he is not Cajun..he just lived in Mississippi for a while and fell in love with the food and culture....enough about all of that..

We also ate a very elegant meal for New Year's eve....dear hubby did that cooking for that one..he has gotten to be a pro at grilling steaks and cooking lobster...

we have really enjoyed our Christmas trees this year and I hate to take them down...maybe one more week..grin..

and lately, this is my life....I am loving learning this new camera.and a new way of looking at everything......and if you get near me, your picture WILL be taken...just a friendly warning..

Do you have plans for learning something new this year?


  1. I cooked up a storm on Monday. Collards, black eyed peas, and a pork tenderloin. With corn bread of course. I think we must be cousins at the very least. Your photos of your meals are very good. I have an awful time taking pics of food. For some reason Instagram is not letting me use it anymore. Happy New Year my friend. love, olive

  2. Looks yummy - wish I could have eaten with you. My cornbread ended up on the floor! Long story, but I am pretty sure that it was a bad omen for the new year - lol!! Love the new photos - the camera is wonderful!

  3. I cooked for 2 days for New Year's and am now taking break from the kitchen. :) Your new camera takes great pics and I love the idea of a husband grilling steaks and lobster. You are blessed! Happy New Year, cher!

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