Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Mums

My chrysanthemums are beginning to bloom....and now I know that I will always associate these old fashioned mums with the birth of my granddaughter....yes, to me that will be her flower........and a most beautiful flower it is...

Here are a few pictures that I took just this morning in my October garden..I love having flowers blloming year round....I hope you enjoy them too...

just beginning to open

Ryan's Pink

this is on Ryan's pink...
 I will watch this green bloom and see if it turns into a different mum that can be divided...hmm..

old fashioned mums spread really well

reaching for the sun
I hope you enjoyed these mums....I have several varieties and will show them as they begin to bloom..

Thank you for stopping by today..

I hope to see you again soon.....



  1. Lovely Mona. We planted some last year and they are blooming now. Thanks for following me on IG. xo Olive

  2. Hi Mona, these are pretty. in New Bern NC they have a whole "mum-fest" (we're on vacation over here, and will be going home tomorrow). we saw New Bern a week early but they already had some of the mums out on the sidewalks. thanks, sp