Monday, October 15, 2012

Homeplace Garden

Since I do not have very many pictures of family life other than just the ones I have taken , I find it especially fun to use the effects that 'age' the pictures... I can pretend that these are family heirlooms.....can you tell I have a really active imagination?
Well, I hope you enjoy this little trip around my garden...pretending it is my Grandmother's garden......

come with me.....

pineapple sage

ryan's pink garden mum

sweet annie



koi pond

garden path

autumn joy sedum


dawn redwood
All of these pictures were taken this week..I love the fall garden...This daylily blooming is a first for me after 25 years of growing these seedlings of Mama's..

I appreciate you my readers..

I hope to see you again soon..


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  1. Beautiful. Love the koi pond. I spent a lot of time planting pansies and painting this weekend. I also used no electronics for most of the weekend. Sometimes I have to unplug. hugs, olive