Monday, March 19, 2012

Street Smart

I hardly ever show pictures taken from our front yard..  We have 2 huge oak trees that live there and they take up most of the water and nutrients so most plants just give up and die rather than compete with them....

But, I took a closer look and guess what I found....well, a picture is worth a thousand words so here we go...

Japanese maple

pink dogwood

old dogwood

and now some of the azaleas..the sun was setting and made them stand out so much was just the right timing.

Lady Banks rose
 This rose is one of my favorites....I have been waiting and waiting for it to grow and bloom more than one or two flowers...and this year is the is beautiful and full....I opted to buy the smallest plant to save money...about 5 years ago....but I had the time to has not disappointed...
with lorapetalum

guess who's waiting at the gate....Bo

and this morning's sunrise..waiting to get started all over again....
So, as these pictures prove, my front yard has lots of flowers too..I have just been conditioned to think it doesn't because there is so much more I want to do there....I will try to focus on what i do have rather than what I do not have....sounds like a good life lesson to me...

I hope you have a good Monday.....and I am so glad you stopped by today...and hope you come again soon.....



  1. Lady Banks is my favorite climbing rose too. We have two of them at the old house. Beware they are very aggressive and need pruning a lot after they bloom once they get big but that pale yellow color is divine. I just put up #3 of my series and thanks so much for your encouragement.

  2. I love photos taken in that last beautiful light of the day. You could be a professional photographer, girl! Gorgeous!