Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Harvest....

We have a freeze forecast for the end of this week so it is officially the end of tomato season for this year......Oh happy day for the dogs..I opened the garden gate and let them into the garden to get all the tomatoes that are left.....Jake is a little too dignified for such but the rest had a ball...picking them from the vines and digging around until no more are left on the ground...I hope you enjoy the pictures..they had a ball and I had fun watching them.....

climbing on the cages


and searching

found one

funny Maggie

determined to get every one

pulling it from vine

eagle eye Tula and Maggie

Tula got this one

Bo just wants me to pet him..LOL  his tomato is on the ground until I pet him..such a sweet boy
Just had to share this adventure...I am so thankful for all 5 of my dogs...that is another desire realized..always said I wanted FIVE dogs but never thought I would actually have that many at one time..  they are so much fun.....and work.....

thank you for stopping by today and sharing in the fun time we had this morning...I hope to see you again soon..


  1. Hi Mona, Thanks for shraring a fun time with the dogs. I didn't know dogs would eat tomatoes, although we had a Malamute many years ago who loved raw green beans. I had to 'guard' the basket when I picked them or she would eat them all.
    Cute post and I'm your newest follower. It's always nice to meet a new GA blogger.

  2. Looks like they were having a blast! It's amazing that they like to eat tomatoes! They are so cute and I'm sure, they are a handful. I once had a black lab who had a litter of 9! That made ten dogs, so I know! :)