Wednesday, August 3, 2011


glorious rain!!


roasting tomatoes

candlelight supper


garden supper

DATE night

Just a few scenes from around my home this week....usually these things really are hidden...nobody sees these things but me and my husband...but this is staging really is how I live my day at a time...the things you do everyday are important .they make up mine and your home......

thank you for reading along...I appreciate each and every one of you..and I would love feedback...what do you do as part of your homemaking?


  1. Love this post as usual. And it's so funny that you wear Daisy perfume. I wear Lola by Marc Jacobs! Always finding more ways that we're alike! :)

    I was working in our yard the other day, which needs SO MUCH work, and I thought of you and how hard you must work for such a beautiful yard and garden. And it's SO much bigger than ours ... I really admire you for that! And I also thought to myself, "No wonder Mona always looks so great ... she works HARD!" :)

  2. Ashley..the more I know you, the more I see how alike we are.. I like the Lola bottle too.

    and about the yard, YES it takes a lot of work but I love it and I have learned to pace myself..and it doesn't have to be perfect anymore..the cottage garden style suits me...and when it gets too hot, well, forget it! thank you for your sweet comments..I really appreciate them..