Monday, July 11, 2011

SUMMER in the garden

We are sho nuff ( a real southern term) in the midst of the heat and humidity and mosquitoes and other various bugs down here in the wonderful state of Georgia...As I walk around my yard, I am STILL thankful, but a little more thankful if I am out there early in the morning.... the middle of the day will drain my energy in a is time to find some indoor least for the next few weeks..maybe months, until the cooler and drier air arrives...

It is obvious that my love of the color red spills over into every part of my life...and the flowers this time of year are no, enjoy...and I hope you come again real soon...

liriope from my Grandomother Lewis' homeplace

red crepe myrtle planted in memory of Mama

red fountain from Jon

late daylily..Chicago Flame or something like that

busy bees

scarlet runner bean

more pollinators..welcome to the honey bees

the ol' pea patch..working me to pieces..LOL

heat loving Miss Huff

a little yard art and grape vine..
I hope you liked this little walk about from the cool of your home.....I didn't mind enduring the heat and humidity so I could share with you.....but the rest of the day, I will be INSIDE in the AC..

I appreciate you , my readers......

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