Friday, July 15, 2011

My table

Our table has many was interesting to me to look back over the last few months and see some of the different ways I set the table...and Yes, I set the table every time we eat..which is often!  I have always liked sitting down to a table that is complete with tablecloth/placemats and napkins..  it is just part of what I do as a homemaker.

I hope you enjoy.....this is just the lazy way of choosing a table to share this morning....and I couldn't make up my mind so it is...

thank you for coming to visit....see you next time.......
and....dream up a way to set your will make for a more enjoyable meal...

I am sharing this week at betweennapsontheporch 


  1. Mona, I love your blog title and wish more people had a passion for homemaking. You have encouraged me to be more careful about how I set the table for everyday. My mother always did as was done in her home growing up. I am afraid I don't take time everyday to do the little touches that make it special. Thank you for inspiring me.

    We are both southerners. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. A wonderful gathering of tablescapes -- thanks for sharing, Looks like you set a lovely table for your friends and family.

  3. I recently bought a service of Wedgwood, "Napoleon Ivy" at an estate sale. I was interested to see what colors you used for your tablescape. Thank you for sharing y our myriad of wonderful designs. Cherry Kay

  4. Bonnie..that you and I am glad you got encouragement.. :-)
    Mid Atlantic Martha..thank you
    Cherry are fortunate to have found that service of Napoleon Ivy...I would love to see your table once it is set with this beautiful china..I did a post on this table a while back with more pictures....
    thank you all for stopping by