Monday, June 20, 2011

Gardens Can't Wait

view from the house

this mornings harvest

When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel as good as I would like to feel.  I am tired and have a sore throat...YUK!

But....I am a grown woman and I realized that I STILL had to pick the garden and check on the need for, I got the clippers and the pan for picking and off I went....and you know what??  in just a few minutes I forgot how I felt and was completely focused on the harvest....there were beans, squash, and cucumbers to gather and my most favorite...zinnias and sunflowers..well, my most favorite at the moment.  :-)  My Daddy always said his favorite flower was the one he was looking at right then..that's kinda how I feel too...FLOWERS are just...well, flowers and they are beautiful..never met one I didn't think was pretty...
it was short lived because as soon as I came inside I remembered that I didn't feel so good....

Here are a few of the things I found this morning as I walked around and did a little bit of work.....
I hope you enjoy....
still going strong

haricots verts

Cherokee purple

beets and chard
well, this is a little of where I live and always, thank you so much for stopping by....I appreciate every one of you...leave a comment if you please..I love to read them...

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  1. What a lovely view and your garden is so beautiful! Zinnias and sunflowers are my faves, and yours are gorgeous. Hope you will feel better soon!