Monday, June 27, 2011

Coffee and tomato sandwiches..

What????  do these have to do with one another...ummmmm  nothing..really...they are just  two of the things that happened at our house this past week. 

If you have never tasted Community coffee, maybe I can persuade you to find some and give it a try.  I think you will be glad you did...we buy it by the 2 lb. bags and have it shipped from here ....I used to run around to all the grocery stores trying to find it and just decided this is the easiest way for us to always have some...We have been drinking this coffee most of our married life.  we used to go to a little Cajun restaurant..Gautreau's.... when we were dating and I loved, loved their coffee....they would make a fresh pot of cafe coffee for me and I would drink most of it after a dinner of blackened catfish..we would buy it there when they had it and bring it home to enjoy...oh, how we loved that little restaurant.  it is now gone but I have fond memories and we still drink the Community coffee...My husband introduced me to the Cajun flavors with this coffee being one of my favorite....he lived for a time in Mississippi right before I met was the VERY WORST time of his life but the silver lining is this coffee and our being familiar with Cajun food...I have quite a collection of cookbooks that I have read over and over trying to learn to cook this wonderful food...and acquired a taste for all things Tobasco.  LOL.  anyway a very good thing came from a very bad thing in my husband's life...he came out of Mississippi with a taste for all things Cajun and a divorce....funny how life acts like that sometimes  all of the time....something good comes out of something so bad....

and all last week we were sick with an awful summer cold..too hot to be outside and mosquitoes the size of small dogs.......but one day, there was a RIPE we had these so, so good tomato sandwiches...all while we had stuffy noses and couldn't really taste it very good...LOL   but the tomatoes are beginning to ripen..Cherokee Purple is the first this heirloom with a purple color and green seeds...when I tried to feed these to my Daddy several years ago, he could not eat them...said they made him sick to look at them cause they didn't look right..LOL  old people can be funny!!  believe me, they taste good......
so we have had our first tomato sandwich of the summer.

when I started writing this morning I was on a ramble, not knowing where I would end up but now, I think I do...

If you look closely in these gray skies, you will  see where the sky is beginning to turn these clouds, there seems to be a silver lining...the rain is over and gone..the trees are so very green...the gray skies are turning to blue..and life is good....

no matter how awful life has been for me and you, there is ALWAYS something good that we can focus on.....Out of an awful, no good, terrible time in my husband's life that ended in divorce and all the rest that goes with it..........came our beloved Community coffee..the very thing that we wake up to every morning...a memory of good things coming out of the pits of life....and a love for all things Cajun....even if I am a true Georgia girl....maybe , just maybe I have a little Cajun blood in there somewhere.  :-)
when we think of planning the first real vacation we have ever celebrate the end of paying child support...that we thought would never end.....but it did!!     my thoughts and heart turn to Cajun country...I want to go there and eat the food and drink the coffee there.and eat Boudin...and the real we'll see what this next year holds for us..

I am so appreciative for your reading along today..and I hope you get some encouragement that no matter how discouraged and awful you feel today..there is something, somewhere in the midst of it all that will bring you encouragement...look for for it..and do not give up until you find is like the grain of sand in that oyster that because it is an irritant, it gets attention from the oyster until it turns into a pearl..what is your pearl?

My pearl is Community coffee and tomato sandwiches.......


  1. Hi Mona,
    Those tomatoes are just beautiful, I can almost taste them. Thanks for stopping by, its nice to see you. Hope you are having a great day!
    Miz Helen

  2. Another great one, Mona. You really could write a book to encourage people. You are the best!