Monday, March 7, 2011


Yesterday Will and I were discussing my garden and talking about what we were going to grow this year..he mentioned carrots and I said mine didn't do good in my garden and he said his Daddy's did...and he grew tomatoes too..his Daddy is the Tomato King...then he wanted to be the Carrot King...

.NO, I am the TREAT KING..I love treats...Honey, why do I love treats so much? I dunno Will, why? BECAUSE GOD MADE ME THAT WAY!!!!! then laughed and laughed...I told him about a dream I had where we were digging ice cream sandwiches from my garden..he thought that was pretty funny and could NEVER really happen..BUT..he had never had an ice cream sandwich before..(don't know if he has or not) but today we bought ice cream sandwiches and
Here is the TREAT KING..getting with him some ice cream sandwich...LOL




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