Monday, February 7, 2011


I found this saying on a blog I was reading
and it really spoke to me and where I am right now....I am once again going through my house and questioning the use of the possessions that share this home with us.....some of them are simply of no use to us anymore and they need to go to a charity where someone else can get good use from them...
I have recently gotten some things from my parents house and I absolutely will not let them sit in a box and not be used...actually, all of it is now unpacked and put in places so that I can use what I brought home....we are in process of swapping the office and sewing room so the awesome card catalog will go into the 'new' sewing room...and hold all that I need for sewing..

The way I decorate came about years and years ago because I had some boxes still packed up since a move 10 years earlier..I went through a stage of questioning my needs of what I had...if it is still packed up, do I really need it?? NO, I DON' the boxes were opened and out it came...onto the walls, and onto shelves and what I didn't have room to display, went out the door and to the Salvation Army ....I am a firm believer that what I have should be used or either gotten rid of....

As I was moving things around for Daddy the other day, he pointed out something and asked me to get it from behind the hot water heater in the garage...he said 'I made that and had good intentions of using it but never got around to IT IN THE much for good intentions....'  that was some words of wisdom and I have been thinking about them..a saying I have often repeated is ' the road to hell is paved with good intentions.'

I realize I have  way too many good intentions hanging around in my is time to be realistic..and always continue to dream..never, never give that up..that's not what I am talking about's the things that I thought I probably,might, possibly, one day do something with....  like oil paints or polyester knits (hey, it MIGHT come back one day.LOL)  and there are more things..too embarrassing to list..LOL

SIMPLE...that is what I want my life to be...but at the moment, I have too much stuff...that I .DO. NOT. NEED

streamlined...maybe that is my new word...hahahaha..that will never happen because if I don't see it, I forget I have, if there is not room to display it in our house, I am finding another home for unpacked boxes around this house...that is such a waste....if it is packed up, unpack it and use it or give it away..

I am revisiting my value of using what I have and if I do not use it, then, WHY do I have it? and putting a picture on the wall for beauty or placing  a vase on a shelf is certainly considered using it.....this is where I am in life right now......

Everything has a place and it needs to be's just the finding that place that everything needs to be in that is such a challenge for me.......

thank you for reading along with me....Now, I am off to find something else to give away....and to look around for any boxes that need unpacking....
longing for spring

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