Wednesday, October 13, 2010




These pictures were taken within a 5 minute span of time.
It made me think about the opportunities we have in life....Many people seem to think that we have endless opportunities to do whatever it is we have put off doing or decide to do later.....
What if that later doesn't happen? This sunrise on this morning happened within these particular 5 minutes. it will never happen was THE SUNRISE for 10-13-10..
Less than a minute after I took these pictures, it was drizzling rain and cloudy....

I think we have these moments in our lives but we have become dull to making the most of our opportunities...maybe becoming complacent..thinking there will always be another chance. I am not talking about being busy just for the sake of being busy...there are opportunities that come across our path and we have to decide right then to pursue them or let it slide... Maybe it is about becoming more aware that there are times when we need to really pay attention and make the decision to act on something....RIGHT THEN!

If we are watching, like I was watching this morning, there will be the sudden breaking forth of the LIGHT that makes sense...the sure appearance of that breakthrough that we are watching for..we can grab the moment because we are alert and ready ( I had my camera in my hand)...These moments soon make up a lifetime..let's allow our life to be filled with making the most of our opportunities....and to be content with life everyday knowing that these opportunities WILL come into our life and that we WILL be prepared and ready to say YES!
I hope you catch your sunrises..
thank you for coming along with me.
you mean a lot to me..
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