Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Being a LEWIS

These few pictures have made me think a lot since they were know just a random shot taken as you live life and WHOA! a real important message comes right at you......My maiden name is Lewis..I was called Lewis by my friends in high school....I heard my Daddy say it a million times growing up...' We're the Lewis family'..don't dishonor the name.....I really had no idea what he was talking about at the time..and my rebellious self really didn't care either.. :-) yes, I admit it..I was quite the when Will stepped on this name as we were walking, I saw future destiny and past history and who I am and who he is writen all over this moment in time.....this has changed me!
As he looks back at where he came from, I want him to see a good heritage and an inheritance he is proud to have.. I want him to build on it and go forward into the future confident that he has good blood in his veins..and that it matters who you are...I want him to know that I love him more than life..that I would do anything for him...that he is my future...he is what will carry on the name...even though it is just buried somewhere beneath his is an important family line...there are a lot of good things that have come with it..I know it is just one of the family lines he carries with him but it is my line and that is what I have to give him..
When he stands on the past generations, I want him to already have a leg up on where he is be that much closer to being higher and further because he has my shoulders to stand on....and to be able to smile at the future because it is bright...
SURE FOOTING...I want him to have a firm foundation on which to stand....I know my Christian heritage will give this to him..I want him to embrace my God at an early age and to go forth from be glad that he has come from this family and not have to be ashamed or to live in doubt or fear..I know this is a tall order but the older I get, the more I appreciate the family I came from..I carry the name into the future and give it gladly to my children and grandchildren. I realize that we as a family have a destiny and I want that destiny to be fulfilled with joy and perseverance.....yes, I am glad I am a Lewis...and I want Will to be too....He is the firstborn of a firstborn of a firstborn of a firstborn of a firstborn and the family goes on....and his siblings will come right behind him..hopefully they will love and support each other all the days of their life...and carry the Lewis name right on into the future.....
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