Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beauty in the morning

The daylilies are beginning to bloom in our yard. I walked around this morning and took pictures of all that are blooming today. That is one of the wonders of daylilies..they bloom for one day and then they are gone....I need to add some other colors besides yellow...but I do love the yellows and the red one too...there are some later bloomers that are red and near white...I have been looking at daylily blooms for almost all of my life. My Grandmother grew them on a BIG scale..she had about an acre of blooms..My Mama and Daddy grew them. at one time they had about 2-3 acres of them....My other Grandmother had a backyard full of them...I only have a few compared to their gardens but I seem to add some to them each year. They are really easy to divide and get more plants that way...more pictures to come as they bloom...
Daylilies are a really easy perennial to grow...they are very hardy and very dependable....and come in such a variety of blooms....I enjoy mine and also enjoy caring on a family tradition...having a daylily garden...
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