Monday, May 24, 2010

Backyard weddings

Two years ago we had a wedding in our was a true labor of love as I was the decorator, wedding coordinator, caterer, flower arranger and clean up committee......and I LOVED every minute of it.....A friend I have known for almost 30 years asked if they could use our yard and my quick answer was see, our yard is a perfect place for a wedding...we have been here for 7 years and have had my son's wedding party and my friend's wedding. I think part of the purpose for here is weddings...

As the Queen Anne's Lace blooms this year it brings memories of preparation....Me and Bryan had to go out early the morning of the wedding and pick it from the side of the road after scouting for good patches for weeks before that day. we have plenty blooming in our yard this year and this little purple flower that she wore in her is blooming in my garden now too....and there are also the white hydrangeas blooming..
It was so much fun to get the yard prettied up for the big event...and there were many places to take good pictures....
Here is my friend Fern..she stood quietly by me and was ready to do anything that needed doing...what a beautiful servant's heart..I probably couldn't have done it without her standing next to me the whole day....

It was a good day and I hope we get to do many more here.......a daylily wedding would be good ...and a chrysanthemum wedding, and a rose wedding...oh, yes and a holly wedding....and maybe even a tomato wedding.LOL ..but this one will always be the Queen Anne's Lace wedding...and a beautiful one it was..
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